3 Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Family-Friendly

Vacation is a time of year most families look forward to – 88% of families take at least one vacation each year. With vacation rentals becoming an increasingly popular choice for families, there are things you can do as a vacation rental homeowner to make your home more appealing to families traveling with children.

We recommend including “family-friendly” in your listing description to attract more families with children to your rental. That being said, only include that descriptor if your home is, in fact, family-friendly.

Here are 3 things you can do that can elevate a family’s experience while they’re staying at your rental:

Stock Big Items

Traveling with children, especially young children, already means a lot of packing. Some items, like cribs and Pack ‘n Plays, are too difficult to fly with. If you have these items, it would be a nice touch to keep them in the home for families to use. For families with small children, this can be a factor that elevates your home above another accommodation.

Offer Entertainment Options

A lot of kids have so much energy that sometimes parents can use a little backup to figure out how to keep them entertained. First things first, make sure your home has reliable wifi. This will allow parents to stream Netflix for the kids to watch and download online games to keep the kids occupied. Additionally, having a TV, DVD player, and/or a streaming device like an Apple TV or Roku can make it easier for parents to stream movies and shows for their kids. Having a bin of kid-friendly toys, books, and movies would also be an above and beyond measure that would mean a lot to the family staying in your home.

Childproof Your Home

One of the reasons people go on vacation is to relax. Make it easier for the parents staying in your home to do that by childproofing your home. Put away expensive, fragile items like your grandmother’s antique vase and consider purchasing safety gates for staircases and covers for wall outlets. The safer a child is while staying at your rental, the more their parent will be able to relax and enjoy their trip.

These 3 things are not requirements for a vacation rental to be family-friendly but they certainly will elevate your guests’ experience while they’re staying at your home.

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