4 Easy Tech Upgrades For Your Vacation Rental

While many travelers go on vacation to take a break from reality – to log out of Facebook for a few days, turn off work emails, and ignore phone calls – many still want technology to play a huge part in their vacation.

From keyless door entry to reliable wifi, guests aren’t just delighted by these technological amenities – they’re starting to expect them in the vacation homes they rent.

Some technology upgrades may seem a bit pricey or unnecessary at first glance but you’ll see the payoff as more travelers book your home.

Here are 4 upgrades you should consider making in your vacation rental:

Reliable Wifi

The only thing worse than no wifi in a vacation rental is spotty wifi. When a guest arrives and connects their phone, tablet, and computer to your internet network, they shouldn’t have to worry about the connection dropping or have to reconnect every hour. If multiple guests have complained about the internet at your vacation rental home, it might be time to switch your provider or upgrade your internet plan. As you decide on a plan for your home, make sure the plan you select can accommodate the number of devices that will likely be logging on to your network.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is not only appreciated by your guests, but it actually makes your rental home more secure. By installing an electronic lock on your door, you’re able to generate door codes for each guest, and you no longer have to hide a key under the flowerpot on your back porch. For guests who have flights that arrive in your city at an unusual time or who are on a tight check-in schedule, keyless locks make it easier for them to get into your home and start enjoying their vacation.

Tablet With Info

Most guests staying in your vacation rental are new to your city and would appreciate any and all recommendations you have to offer. Retire your information binder to a bookshelf and invest in a tablet to leave in your home that guests can use to access recommendations, emergency information, and anything else they may need to know during their stay. Putting this information on a tablet makes it easier to access – no more flipping through stained pages or worrying about pages of your binder being accidentally taken.

Smart TV

Having a source for entertainment in your rental will make your guests feel at home. Investing in a smart television or a streaming device like Apple TV or a Roku will make sure your guests won’t miss their favorite shows. While having a smart TV option everywhere you have a TV in your home would be nice, it can get pricey. Consider making this investment for the TV in your living room or other shared spaces in your home.

Investing in these technological upgrades will not only delight your guests, but it gives you an opportunity to set your home apart from others and even charge a little bit extra.

Learn more about how TurnKey will upgrade your home when you partner with us here.

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