4 Must-Have Amenities For Your Vacation Rental

When guests are traveling to stay at your vacation rental, they want to feel at home when they walk through your front door.

In fact, one of the determining factors for travelers deciding on accommodations for a trip is just that – people want to have all of the comforts of home even when they’re away from home.

As a host, taking the time to make your rental feel like home for a guest can increase your bookings and positively impact your property’s reviews on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway.

Make sure your have these 4 amenities in your home:

1. Fresh Linens, Blankets, and Towels

One of the simplest things you can do as a vacation rental host to make your guests feel like they’re getting access to hotel-like amenities is providing clean bed sheets, blankets, and towels. Guests can rest easy after a long day of travel in a clean bed, and they don’t have to worry about packing bulky towels in their luggage.

When you’re leaving towels and linens for your guests, take into account how many guests will be staying in your home – you don’t want to leave two towels when your home sleeps six.

2. Reliable WiFi

In a world where everyone is always online, having reliable internet is number one priority for most travelers. Investing in an internet service that is fast, strong, and can accommodate the number of guests who are staying in your home is crucial. Make sure you leave the network and password information in a visible place and consider even emailing it to your guest along with their check-in information.

3. Easy Access

After a long day of travel, the last thing your guests want to do is fumble around for a key hidden under a potted plant by the back door. Consider installing a keyless lock system so you’re able to provide your guests with a digital access code. This way, guests can check in at any hour of the day, they don’t have to worry about losing keys, and you have a way to secure access to your home.

4. Local Recommendations

When asked why they chose a vacation rental, the second most common response from travelers is for the local experience. Leave information for your guests about popular places in the area, your favorite off-the-beaten path restaurants, and any events happening during their stay. That personalized touch will mean a lot to your guests.

Whatever you do decide to stock your home with, make sure you include that information on your home’s listing. Travelers want to know what they’ll have waiting for them and what they’ll have to pack. Being transparent about what guests can expect when they stay at your home is a great way to start their trip off right!

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