4 Questions to Help You Pick the Perfect Holiday Vacation Rental

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Christmas not far behind, and the New Year coming up sooner than some of us would like to think, it’s time to book your holiday vacation rental accommodations if you haven’t done so already.

Whether you’re planning a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or a huge family gathering, it’s important to make sure you have the right expectations for your vacation rental before you arrive.

Here are 4 questions to ask your vacation rental host or property manager before you book:


“What appliances and utensils are available in the kitchen?”

If you plan to cook Thanksgiving dinner at your vacation rental, you don’t want to be surprised if there are no cooking utensils or a working stove when you arrive at the home. Before you book, you should message the person or property manager managing the property and ask details about the kitchen to make sure you’ll have everything you’ll need or know what to bring from home.


“Is this home suited for children/elderly/large groups/etc.?”

The holidays are often a time where family members ranging from toddlers to grandparents come together to celebrate and enjoy quality time with loved ones. When selecting a rental, you want to make sure the home is accessible to and comfortable for everyone who will be staying there. If you have small children, you might want to ask about baby gates to block off certain rooms; if your great grandparents are joining you, you might want to clarify how many flights of stairs are at the home or whether the apartment complex has a working elevator; and if you have a large party but people want privacy, ask how all of the sleeping accommodations are laid out in the home. This ensures you’re selecting the right rental for your group.


“Can I bring my pets?”

Pets are important family members too! If you don’t want to leave your furry friends behind, always ask if they’re allowed at your rental and if there’s anything additional you need to pay before your arrival or do before you depart from the home. Some rentals strictly don’t allow pets, while others will simply charge you an additional fee. Many listings specify the pet policy, but if it’s unclear… ask, don’t assume. Whatever you do, do not lie about bringing pets with you to avoid getting charged – this can lead to an eviction from the property depending on the homeowner. If you’re planning to bring Fido or Leo with you, always give the host a heads up.


“Do you have this amenity, and is it working?”

While listings should always be accurate, sometimes things can change before a host has the chance to update their listing before their home is booked. If there’s an amenity featured in a listing that’s important to you and the group you’re traveling with, don’t hesitate to double check with the host that it’s available and working. For example – if a rental’s photos show a fireplace and your group is exciting to cozy up by the fire, it can’t hurt to double check with the host that the fireplace is functional and not just for show.


Communicating with a host before you book and arrive at their home is key to setting expectations for your vacation. The more realistic your expectations are before you arrive, the more you and your loved ones can relax on your trip, knowing it’ll go exactly how you expect.

Looking for the perfect vacation rental for the holidays? Book one of our homes here!

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