5 Must-Do’s Before Photographing Your Home

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5 Must-Do’s Before Photographing Your Home

We live in a visual world where almost anything imaginable can be ordered and delivered straight to your door with just a few clicks of a button. Consumers now regularly shop online for household cleaners, clothing, tomorrow night’s prepackaged dinners, and even vacation rentals.

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and the photos of your vacation rental determine if travelers decide to read the rest of your listing. You may never live down that photo day when you forgot to comb your hair, but here’s how to make sure your home is picture-perfect:

  1. Put your best foot forward: Cut the grass, tame the flower beds, and organize exterior seating. You’d be surprised what people notice in the leading photos. If the grass is overgrown or a stone walkway needs a corner repaired, be sure to fix these issues before the photographer shows up.
  2. Pick the right lighting: Change burnt-out bulbs, pull back dark curtains, and open the blinds. Think “light and bright” so the photos will properly showcase your space. Remember to turn on side table lamps or angle task lighting to prevent dark corners in the room.
  3. Clear the visual clutter: Organize bookshelves, and clear tables and bathroom sinks. If lotions, perfumes or makeup brushes aren’t going to be available to guests, be sure to stash them under the counter. Tidy spaces communicate a sense of calmness and relaxation, which travelers want to see in a vacation rental.
  4. Do a deep clean: Most people fluff pillows and smooth out the bedspreads, but take the extra step of deep cleaning. No one wants to see a streaky bathroom mirror or a stainless-steel refrigerator riddled with fingerprints. Dirty sinks and mildewed showers turn off travelers and can cost you bookings.
  5. Know your target audience: Travelers book vacations for an experience different from their everyday life. Live by a beach? Consider decorating with a nautical theme or adding a few shells in place of soap dishes in the bathroom. Have a mountain cabin? Travelers usually search for rentals with lots of rustic accents and a nice porch to enjoy the great outdoors. Not sure about your market? Visit vacation rental websites and check out the competition in your area. Better yet, ask your Account Manager if you’re a TurnKey client!

A lot of vacation rental websites have recently increased their photo pixel and size requirements to give potential guests more detailed depictions of the homes available, so it’s extremely important to invest in professional-quality photos.

TurnKey takes the guesswork out of the vacation rental photography process for our clients. Follow our advice, and you’ll be ready for photo day so you can show off your listing with pride!

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