5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Bookings For Your Vacation Rental

Spreading the word about your vacation rental home is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of bookings your property receives each year. With 77% of Americans using social media on a regular basis, this is a great channel to get people talking about and booking your vacation home.

While there are always a number of social media platforms popping up on a regular basis, the websites we recommend you utilize to promote your vacation rental home are Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

For starters, you’ll want to come up with a name for your vacation rental and brand your home, like “Port Aransas Beach Oasis” or “Magnificent Townhome in the Mile-High City.” This makes your home more recognizable than “2 BR in South Lake Tahoe.”

Now that we’ve taken care of the basics, here are 5 things you can do to spread the good word about your vacation rental home, and encourage travelers to book it:


Have a Check-In Option

People love letting their friends know what they’re up to and where they are. Creating a location on Facebook for your guests to “check-in” to will generate exposure for your rental home. Go here to learn how to create a check-in location for your home.


Run Social Media Ads

Once you’ve created social media pages for your rental home, you’ll be able to run ads for your home. All of the platforms we mentioned allow you to create ads and target people who would be interested in your home. For example – if you have a 4-bedroom beach home, you can run a Facebook ad that targets people with families who like travel and the beach. For more information on social media advertising, go here.


Create a Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to get exposure for your property on sites like Instagram. Coming up with something catchy will give you easy, free advertising – guests will use it when they post photos from their vacation. Include your hashtag in your listing descriptions on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. This is also a great way for future guests to check out all the fun your previous guests had at your home.


Share Recommendations

Part of the reason travelers choose to stay at your vacation rental is because they want to travel like a local. Use your social media profiles to share local recommendations for things to do, restaurants to visit, and anything else travelers might like to know about your city. Tag the businesses you’re recommending on social media, and odds are, they’ll give your post a share – which leads to more exposure for your vacation rental home.


Collect Reviews

The more (good) reviews you have for your home, the better. Setting up your Google My Business page gives your guests another opportunity to leave a review of their stay. Since your rental will have a name, guests can search Google My Business for your rental and see additional reviews before booking their trip and leave their own after. If you list your home on multiple sites, this can help you build up reviews in a central place.

Need help marketing your home? See how TurnKey can help here.

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