Santa Barbara Homeowner Saves 10 Hours a Week

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TurnKey Vacation Rentals - Superior Service. Higher Returns. Case Study

I’m super happy. I regularly check-in on my property with my dedicated account manager as I sit on the beach. I wasn’t sure I was ready to let go of managing my rental but I can’t be more pleased to let you run this.

– Jill C

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Client & Market

Many homeowners chose to manage a vacation rental on their own. Interacting with guests, handling project management, and taking care of your own property can be very rewarding. Homeowner management can also make financial sense given many property managers charge 35-50% commission. No matter what the motivation is behind a rental by owner, it is a lot of work. According to HomeAway, vacation rental owners spend almost ten hours per week marketing and managing their vacation rental properties.

Jill lives in Carpinteria, CA in a renovated beautiful historic property downtown. Jill managed her rental on her own because she felt connected to the property she had worked so hard on. Her rental was an immediate success thanks in large part to the immense amount of care Jill invested. However, the work of handling inquiries and guest concerns began to pile up, and Jill realized she would like a full-service property management solution. She was impressed with TurnKey’s flexible management approach which afforded maximum transparency and the extensive marketing efforts that rivaled her own.

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Managing a short-term rental requires a lot of time and effort, so Jill partnered with TurnKey as a full-service property management company with her goals in mind:

  • Reduce the time spent managing the rental
  • Maximize the return on her investment and meet or beat her own revenue performance
  • Experience complete transparency and full access to account manager
The Results

TurnKey took over the management Jill’s property and negotiated a smooth onboarding process. As a full-service property manager, TurnKey was able to free up Jill's time while earning increased revenue even after TurnKey's industry-low commission.

We have offered Jill peace of mind that her investment is being well taken care of. She has been impressed by the professional nature of our various teams including our field operations, which handles vendor overseeing and guests complaints, guest experience team, which fields all inquiries, and account manager, who provides up to date information regarding the rental's performance.

99% of guests rate their stay 4-5 stars higher summer revenue than comparable 2 bedroom condos in the area