TurnKey Increased Managed Homes by 10x

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“Within a few weeks of the merger, TurnKey had more than doubled the amount of revenue I had on the books, and I’ve since increased the number of homes under management by 10X. Now that I am not bogged down by office tasks, I’m able to spend the time where it counts – with the owners.”

– Beverly Gilbreath

Port Aransas, TX
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Client & Market

Coastline Adventures was a successful vacation rental management company with nearly fifteen years of experience in Port Aransas, Texas. The homeowners signed by Coastline Adventures had a long-standing relationship with the business owner, Beverly Gilbreath. Bev’s company was successful, but that success made it difficult to manage additional overhead costs. Marketing properties, handling reservations, managing owner accounts, running payroll, and coordinating housekeeping and maintenance vendors were a lot to manage.

On top of these responsibilities, Bev had to be available 24/7 for any emergency. If Bev wanted to grow her business, she needed to find a partner to help manage her workload.

TurnKey is headquartered in Austin, TX and centralizes many of the operations that make running a property management company time intensive and difficult to scale. Our model allows local teams in more than 40 markets to focus on working directly with homeowners and guests to ensure their needs are taken care of.

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Bev of Coastline Adventures partnered with TurnKey to provide overhead support for her property management company that would help manage and grow her business by:

  • Allowing her to spend less time with administrative details
  • Increasing revenue for Coastline Adventures homeowners
  • Helping her earn more income through successful expanding of the business
The Results

The partnership between TurnKey and Coastline Adventures has been very successful. Bev’s long-term homeowner clients made more revenue than before from TurnKey’s lower commission and robust marketing strategy. TurnKey offered Coastline Adventures homeowners a technological advantage which streamlines property management and protects each home. Every home is equipped with a secure digital lock, a tablet used for housekeeping photo verification, Wi-Fi hotspots, and noise monitors.

In March of 2014, Bev started receiving a competitive salary with benefits. Additionally, there was a purchase price and a long term upside tied into the deal for Bev. TurnKey shares a percentage of the gross revenue in the market with her, so every extra unit means additional income

Bev and her Coastline team’s outlook greatly improved. They were no longer doing everything with a small staff; instead, they had a robust central office to quickly and effectively handle all overhead tasks. Bev and her team were able to focus on what they do best: working directly with homeowners and guests.