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March 27, 2018

TurnKey Vacation Rentals Surpasses 150,000 Home Cleanings Enabled Through FieldSync Technology

TurnKey’s industry-first technology platform for remote, end-to-end facilitation of housekeeping jobs, FieldSync, has now fully enabled more than 150,000 home cleanings. From automated vendor scheduling, to […]...Read more
September 27, 2016
dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing Increases Homeowner Revenue

TurnKey Technology Spotlight: Dynamic Pricing Increases Homeowner Revenue Turnkey leverages algorithms and high-level statistical analysis to provide revenue management to maximize our homeowner’s revenue. ...Read more
July 28, 2016

Consistently Clean Homes Provide a Better Guest Experience

TurnKey Technology Spotlight: Consistently Clean Homes Provide a Better Guest Experience Poor Housekeeping Leads to Unhappy Guests and Less Bookings. The Background Cleanliness is the number […]...Read more
July 16, 2016

Using IDology Results in Secure Guest Screening

Homeowners can rest assured that every time their home is rented, it will be by a responsible adult that has had their identity verified. Verification prevents fraud and damage to homes--which delivers peace of mind to our homeowners. ...Read more
April 4, 2016

Smart Locks Provide Better Security and Guest Experience

As home-sharing and vacation rentals become more popular than ever, most owners know the benefits of and take great pride in providing a comfortable home for guests, crafting a great looking listing on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, and truly caring about their guests’ experience.  However, very few owners take the security of their homes seriously. ...Read more