Cost v. Value: Should I Hire a Property Manager For My Vacation Rental?

We’ll start with the short answer – yes.

Now, for the long answer – partnering with a good professional vacation rental property manager, like TurnKey Vacation Rentals, has the potential to help you generate more revenue from your home, offer better home care, and give you greater peace of mind.

From responding to booking inquiries and coordinating arrivals, to handling maintenance issues and scheduling housekeepers, property managers are worth the cost.

Property managers handle all of the work and, in turn, let you enjoy your home and revenue, stress-free.

Here’s how some of the fees translate into superior service for homeowners:

While TurnKey charges industry-low commission rates and does not charge for equipment installation, like digital locks, at your home, some property managers will charge a bit more. Always ask a potential property manager what their fee structure looks like to make sure you’re maximizing your value for the cost.

Curious about how TurnKey can help make managing a vacation rental a breeze? Learn more here.

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