A Day In The Life: Account Manager

When a homeowner decides to use TurnKey Vacation Rentals as their property manager, they’re not just joining our program or purchasing a service – they’re entering into a partnership.

A homeowner’s main point of contact and face of their partnership with TurnKey is their Account Manager. Our Account Managers, who live and work across the country in the markets they serve, keep our homeowners informed, help troubleshoot issues, and so much more.


Meet 4 of our Account Managers:

Rob Royston, who is the Senior Account Manager for the Lake Tahoe area.

Kate Boerma, who is the Senior Account Manager for Maine and other parts of the Northeastern coast.

Spencer Andrews, who is the Senior Account Manager for San Diego, California.

Inara Rosolen-Laucas, who is the Account Manager for Park City, Utah.


Describe the Account Manager role.

Spencer: “We are the dedicated point of contact between the homeowner and TurnKey. We act as the problem-solvers for the homeowners and help coordinate different actions between departments. I like to think of my role as being the quarterback. As the quarterback, we will do what we need to get the ball to the end zone. Sometimes we pass the ball to a different department, other times we run it up ourselves. Our main goal is to provide quick response times and effective solutions for our homeowners and team.”

Rob: “We are the jack of all trades and central nervous system. Homeowners come to us for just about everything. Scheduling repairs, answering questions about reservations, questions about accounting and statements, and even knowing to a degree how the listings work. You learn about every department, and you have to have a good understanding of how everything works together in the bigger picture.”

Kate: I think it’s the guru of balancing an owner’s needs with what TurnKey’s processes are. We make sure we’re facilitating what the guests need with what the owner can provide, and we’re giving peace of mind to our owners that we’re really taking good care of their home and the people staying there.”


What drew you to TurnKey?

Inara: “I thought TurnKey would be a great opportunity for me to grow as a professional and learn how to handle a new set of challenges.”

Kate: “I was super excited by the energy in the company. Every person is in this to make a difference for homeowners and for the industry as a whole. I was really excited that TurnKey really puts its homeowners first.

Spencer: “I found that the core values of the company and its mission echoed my own values and ambitions. I thought this would make a great fit for me. I was impressed by the level of year-over-year growth the company was able and continues to sustain. This creates a culture of opportunity for personal growth and development that I was seeking.”


What’s your favorite thing about being an Account Manager?

Rob: Honestly, it’s probably the day-to-day variances. You can go through all different life experiences with homeowners. Some are going through great times, some aren’t, but you really get to know these people. There’s nothing better than when you have a great relationship with a homeowner and you can work together to make that house a success. That’s the best feeling in the world.

Inara: My favorite thing is to see homeowners thrive with TurnKey and that their home is booking. Homeowners get so excited about getting bookings and seeing that progress.”

Spencer: “I like being the problem-solver. It requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking and an understanding of how vacation rentals work. This means that no two problems are the same. I like being able to create and provide resolutions. For me, the greatest reward is knowing that our homeowners are happy with the solutions and that they can trust in us to handle any situation that may arise.”

Kate: It’s the interactions with owners and my team. As an Account Manager, you have so much visibility into every market and you can really help spearhead strategy and growth. I love the versatility in the role and being so embedded in the success of our markets.”


What’s the most challenging thing about being an Account Manager?

Kate: “The constant change. While I love it, it’s also adapting to process. As TurnKey evolves and grows really quickly, it comes with quick change and different processes. It can be a double-edged sword.”

Inara: Sometimes, you have to have some difficult conversations with homeowners to help them understand a process.”

Rob: Simply, the amount of work. Some days, it’s really hard to just make sure you answer every email or phone call. Making sure everything is on time, on track, and is getting updated accordingly.”


What character traits are a must-have to be a successful Account Manager?

Rob: “Detail-oriented, organized, and patient.”

Kate: “Flexible, abile to pivot, and creative.”

Spencer: “Naturally empathetic, an effective problem-solver, and an out-of-the-box thinker.”

Inara: “Flexible and adaptable.”


What is your favorite homeowner story?

Spencer: “I have been working with a homeowner in our Orange County market for over 6 months now and have developed a close working relationship with them that I have come to value. We’ve gotten so close that he even shared his family Christmas card with me. It feels like I’m working with family more than anything.”

Rob: There’s an owner in the Palm Springs market that is just wonderful to work with. He’s a very hands-on owner and is very good at understanding and explaining things. He’s very active with all the rules, regulations, and city ordinances in Palm Springs. There were times I didn’t understand something, so I would call him. I’d tell him ‘I have this regulation in front of me, and it’s all legalese.’ And he’d take the time to explain it to me. He was very proactive in reaching out to me – very easygoing, very nice, and he took pride in his house.”

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! Check out our openings here.

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