A Day in The Life: Field Operations

Part of what makes TurnKey such a success vacation rental property management company is our ability to have local, highly-specialized teams in all of the markets where we manage homes.

Our Field Operations Team makes sure all of our homes are always guest-ready by coordinating vendors and providing hands-on help to homeowners every step of the way.

Two of our Field Operations Specialist Team Leads Marcel Hora and Carly Cluney shared what it’s like to be part of the team in San Diego and Cape Cod, their respective markets:

Describe your role.

Carly:Field Operations wears many hats. My role as the lead is a combination of being a coach, recruiting new team members, finding new vendors, and performing daily scheduling. Being a team player, doing inspections in the field, managing contracts, and problem-solving happens every day. This job never gets boring.

Marcel: “We’re behind the scenes. We deal with operations and make sure the properties are operational and visually appealing. We strive to provide a vacation rental experience for our guests, not just a home.”

What drew you to the vacation rental industry and TurnKey?

Carly: What drew me to TurnKey was my interest and passion in real estate. I researched the company and what caught my attention was TurnKey’s core values. I felt like they aligned a lot with my own. I thought I’d be really good at this job, and I’d enjoy it. Feeling you’d be good at something and that you’d be doing something you enjoy is something we all strive to find in a job.

Marcel: The vacation rental industry is unique and up and coming. I think there’s a ton of potential for a company to grab a hold of this industry. No company had gotten a grasp of this industry. But seeing TurnKey’s technology and the advantage it gave the company… that’s something that drew me here.

What skills are important to be successful in Field Operations?

Marcel: “You have to be flexible – you never know what’s going to arise. You have to have good communication skills. You also need to be good at planning, scheduling, and coordinating with multiple parties.”

Carly: “Being detail-oriented. There are many different instances where you’ll need to be very detailed – inspections, scheduling vendors. Being flexible and adaptable, because things change every day. Communicative, because you have to talk to people every day. Being a naturally empathetic person is an important skill.

What’s your favorite part of your day-to-day?

Carly: I love that every day is completely different. In my past jobs, each day was the same. This job, every day is different.

Marcel: “Working with different types of people – guests who are having a good time, vendors who are working hard, the homeowners who are partnering with us.”

Learn more about how our Field Operations Team can make a difference for you as a homeowner here.


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