A Day in The Life: Sales Development Representative

A one-of-a-kind product or service has the ability to change a person’s life for the better, forever. One of the biggest barriers to finding and using those products and services? Knowing they exist.

This is why our Sales Development Representatives play a crucial role in a vacation rental homeowner’s journey to finding and adopting the smarter vacation rental solution.

Every day, our SDRs talk to homeowners across the country to help them understand that there is an easier way to handle vacation rental property management.

Get to know 3 of our SDRs – Moe Nyang, Christine Anderson, and Will Sorley:


Tell us about your background.

Moe Nyang: “I ran my own training business in Atlanta. I moved to Austin from Atlanta and started working at a social media and email marketing firm on the sales side. I learned a lot there. My experience is in social media, email marketing, business administration, and business development.

Christine Anderson: I came to TurnKey from a sales and customer service-oriented position at my last job. That gave me a beginning look into what sales would look like. I moved to Austin from my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I found TurnKey.

Will Sorley: I went to the University of Texas for college and couldn’t bring myself to leave Austin. I spent two years at my first job, and I knew I wanted to make the switch to sales.”


What drew you to the Sales team at TurnKey?

Moe: I love helping people. That’s my life goal, to be a light in someone’s life. With that attitude and having the opportunity to sell a product that’s good and will benefit somebody, it’s second nature to want to be in sales. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. In sales, you can always control what’s going on in your life. That’s the thing I enjoy and why I got into it. The people here are amazing. The product, the service – it’s all top notch. I believe in what we do here.

Christine: TurnKey combines my love of both sales and travel. The more I learned about TurnKey, the more I believed in it, and I knew I wanted to sell something I believe in.

Will: The vacation rental industry is booming. It’s something I knew I would enjoy talking about every day – I stayed in vacation rentals as a kid when my family would take trips to Galveston. We’re selling something no one else can offer. We’re not just any other property manager. I think it’s unique when you can find a job or company that does something so well. It’s special when you can connect with a customer and be able to say, ‘We know this is pain homeowners have because the people leading this company have been in your shoes.’ Every month, everyone starts on the same level playing field. You make your own success.


What is your favorite thing about talking to homeowners every day?

Moe: “I love being able to bring them a solution I know will benefit them. I know that their time is valuable – no one wants to have their time wasted.

Christine: “Getting to hear their amazement when they hear about our program and how we have an industry-low commission rate – they don’t realize it can be that low. My favorite part is when they say, ‘How can the program be so good for such a low rate?'”

Will: Talking to homeowners is fascinating. It’s really interesting to hear these people talk about properties that may have been in their family for years. It’s nice to be able to tell owners we can help them and take them where they want to be.


What qualities are important for a SDR to be successful?

Moe: “Customer service-oriented, hardworking, positive, and organized.”

Christine: “Confident, comfortable talking to strangers, persistent, and a good listener.”

Will: “Strong attention to detail, desire to learn, self-motivated, and communicative.”


Do you have a favorite moment you’ve shared with a homeowner?

Moe: Last week, I got to reach out to a coach of mine from 9th grade. He didn’t believe it was me for a second. I explained to him what I do, about TurnKey, and just had a really cool moment reconnecting with him. We had a great conversation. Two minutes later, his wife called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re actually in the process of booking a property. I’m on VRBO as we speak. Can you help me with this?’ Not only was I proud to say, ‘Hey coach, this is what I do, this is how far I’ve come,’ but it was cool to really see how big this industry is.”

Christine: There was one time that everything came full circle. I was talking to a homeowner in my market, which is Vail. The homeowner was buying a property there, and he said he lives in Tulsa, which is my hometown. He said he’s too far away and definitely needs a full-service property manager. I got to connect with him about our hometown and found out he actually went to my high school. Being able to build these relationships makes the job personal and fun.

Will: One homeowner was like, ‘Wow, I’ve been looking for a property manager that does everything you’re doing.’ They explained how this house had been in their family for years, and they needed to start making some money on it to pay for the mortgage and general upkeep. As they were seeing bookings become less and less, they realized they couldn’t do it on their own. It was something in this woman’s voice, such relief that there was a better option out there for her.”

Want to hear what our SDRs have to say about TurnKey? Request more information here.

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