Our Field Operations Team is Local, Proactive, and Dedicated

Our Field Operations Team is Local, Proactive, and Dedicated

Get To Know TurnKey: Field Operations

It’s after 9pm, and your neighbors are upset by the noise coming from your rental property. Unable to reach you or your property manager, they file a formal complaint since the noise has continued. You later find out that the noise was just from your guests’ small children having fun, but it’s too late to resolve the issue calmly and proactively before law enforcement gets involved.

A noise complaint can escalate quickly and lead to serious ramifications for your property. A formal complaint would negatively impact your guests’ vacation and might compel them to leave a negative review about the property, which would cost you bookings and revenue.

This exact issue happened at a home in Anaheim, but TurnKey avoided an unnecessary escalation by promptly and professionally dealing with the issue. After making several attempts to reach the guests via phone, our local field operations specialist, Jill, proactively drove to the property late in the evening to find out what was happening. She made contact with the guests and resolved the issue.

TurnKey homeowners don’t have to worry: our team and technology work seamlessly together to prevent and solve guest problems. In this case, our innovative noise monitoring device detected an issue and alerted our dedicated field operations team, who then worked to clear this matter up before it became a major headache. In this first edition of “Get to Know TurnKey,” we’re highlighting the value this team provides to our homeowners and guests, especially since their work is largely behind-the-scenes.

Day-to-day duties

A field operations specialist’s chief responsibility is to ensure each TurnKey home is ready for guests to enjoy. They prevent problems from ever happening. Their behind-the-scenes work and dedication to solving guest issues are key benefits of TurnKey’s service. They are highly trained for many different circumstances that arise and work incredibly hard while on call day and night. Some specialists go above and beyond these required duties to solve issues even when they aren’t on call!

The job encompasses a wide range of duties to prevent problems, solve any issues that do arise, and ensure each home is guest-ready. Our specialists:

  • Complete inspections of housekeeping jobs according to our tried-and-true inspection schedule, which decreases the need for many inspections and places field operations specialists where they are needed most
  • Coordinate with vendors for needed repairs and serve as the point person for the handyman or repair company
  • Perform all regular in-home maintenance as needed at the home
  • Stock each home with consumables that our housekeeping vendors, in turn, set out
  • Work with account managers and general managers to complete the onboarding of rentals
  • Interact with guests if an issue arises during a stay to coordinate resolution of the problem with minimal impact to the guest

Benefits to homeowner and guests

Field operations specialists not only deliver convenience and peace of mind to homeowners and guests, but they also proactively work to prevent future issues.

  • Our local team in every TurnKey market responds quickly to any need that arises day or night to provide the best rental experience to guests.
  • They have excellent relationships with our vendors that ensure our business is a priority and problems are fixed promptly.
  • Our dedicated team ensures that high priority cases addressed immediately.
  • Their prompt attention to guest needs result in a 98% rate of 4 and 5 star reviews which in turn lead to increased bookings for our homeowners.

Here’s what colleagues say:

“Allison takes on a huge workload without complaint, and is always extremely professional with her co-workers and TurnKey customers.

Lake Tahoe

Luke is the most senior member of this team and has done great things for the company.  Countless times he has been the person to get up at 2:00am or 3:00am to assist a guest or resolve a situation at any given home.


“Today, a cleaner gave me a call just to tell me how much she enjoys working with Marcel. She reported that he is always there to help her out, going the extra mile to make sure the home is taken care of…from answering her many questions to helping her out on tight turn arounds. Everything she reports to him gets taken care of in a timely manner. She ended with, ‘he gets 5 stars in my book.’”

San Diego

Team location

Each market has a dedicated field operations staff that corresponds to the size of the market and number of homes present.

What does TurnKey look for in candidate?

There is a wide range of backgrounds that are appropriate for this position. The key indicator of success is that the person is hard working, responsible and a team player. This position is akin to a project manager because there are so many moving parts. Therefore, organization and ability to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously is crucial. The right candidate is also a problem solver that is good under pressure. Since they are the main point of contact between vendors, account managers, guests, and our customer service team, good communication skills are paramount.  

Do you know someone who exemplifies the above qualifications?

Visit the TurnKey Careers page!


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