Florida Legislation Protecting STRs Passes Crucial Stage

S.B. 188 earns the approval of Senate Committee on Regulated Industries in the Florida Senate on March 21, 2017. The bill would require local governments to legally treat short term rentals the same as any form of housing. Local governments would be unable to single out short term rental owners for onerous regulations.

The bill would allow local governments to address any nuisance issues that arise in their community but only if the regulations apply to all housing.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator Steube said this in his closing remarks to the Senate Committee on Regulated Industries, “All of the things that I heard, parking, noise, the amount of bedrooms, the amount of people in the house, they all, if this bill passes today, all the municipalities, cities and counties can still regulate on those things, they just can’t say, ‘Oh, only vacation rentals can’t do it, but our primary residences, they can do whatever. It just has to be uniformly applied.” 

Read more about the legislation facing the Florida Senate here.

Read about this most recent legislative action here.


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