How to Furnish Your Ski Rental

Vacationers hitting the slopes are generally looking for a nature-inspired escape with breathtaking views. Furthermore, they’ll want a place to warm up and relax after a long day of skiing.

“Everyone wants to enter any rental home and feel the ‘wow’ experience that this is a beautiful home,” points out Linda Riddiough, creative director for Lauren Nicole Designs, an interior design company.

Mixing attractive elements with a feeling of luxury can help create the perfect retreat for guests on a winter getaway. Keep in mind the following “C’s” and “D’s” when furnishing a ski rental to ensure vacationers thoroughly enjoy their stay.

“C” is for Comfort

Skiing is an intense sport, and guests will likely be tired after spending hours on the hills.

To help them recover, furnish the living room with comfortable pieces they can relax on. “Use neutral colors in the larger pieces of furniture,” suggests Riddiough. Opt for leather if it fits into the theme of your home.

“Faux fur throws or pillows to snuggle up in add visual texture,” says Riddiough.

If you want to put carpeting in the home, look for a soft, low-pile style. For tile floors, think about adding a heating element underneath to keep feet from getting cold. And if you have wood floors, try sprinkling area rugs throughout the place to provide a feeling of warmth.

“C” is for Cozy

“Get a fireplace to warm your evenings after a long day out,” suggests Ben de Mot, founder of iDoo, an interior design web platform.

In addition to the living room, a bedroom or kitchen might be a good fit for a fireplace. Keep a working set of tools for the fireplace within easy reach.

A foot warmer on the sofa or bed can help guests ease into the evening as well. Add bathroom heated towel bars for added extra warmth and luxury for cold winter days.

“C” is for Creature Comforts

A large television set and sound system will allow travelers to relax with a movie in a comfortable setting.

“Faux fur blankets at the foot of each bed and on the sofa adds a layer of luxury,” notes Ana Cummings, owner of ANA Interiors, a boutique interior design and decorating firm.

Stock the kitchen with plenty of mugs for coffee or hot chocolate in the morning. Consider investing in a crockpot to give guests the option of a slow-cooked meal.

Also, “an ample coat rack and large woven basket at the door will provide extra places to keep jackets, snow pants, mittens, gloves, and any other wintry accessory taken off upon entering the home,” explains Cummings.

A boot, ski or snowboard rack at the entrance of your place, at the side door, or in the garage to encourage guests to safely store equipment out of the way.

“D” is for Durable

With renters coming in and out of the place, along with their ski boots, poles, and skis, it’s important to look for ways to help protect the place from wear and tear.

“Flagstone or slate flooring is easy to take care of, is very forgiving and hard wearing,” mentions Cummings.

A wall paint covering that is washable will make it easy to wipe away marks from skis, poles, or snowboards.

“Solid wood furniture is a great choice, especially for dining chairs,” notes Cummings. “They are constructed well and will endure as long as the rental itself.”

Since many times vacationers go skiing in groups, consider putting in multi-functional pieces, mentions Valerie Stafford, partner and lead designer at Rumor Designs. You might have a coffee table that is also an ottoman, for instance. The foot of a bed could serve as a storage chest for blankets.

“Use endurance fabrics on your upholstery like Sunbrella,” adds Riddiough. These are easy to clean and can help withstand the use rental properties often take.

“D” is for Décor

“Heading for the slopes is definitely a vacation that’s all about nature and enjoying the outdoors,” notes Riddiough.

Keep mountains and beautiful scenery in mind when decorating your ski home.

For windows, “I try not to cover a spectacular view,” explains Cummings. If the window needs to be covered at certain times of the day, consider simple roller shades that could be pulled down at night and retracted during the day. For a more rustic cabin look, add woven blinds, wooden shutters, or heavy panels that frame the window.

For wall hangings, “select a large piece of art for each room that will suit the space and enhance the ski lodge atmosphere,” suggests Stafford. “This will help to keep the décor simple, yet unique to each space.”

Vintage snow sporting equipment, such as snowshoes, skates, skis or poles can be grouped together on a wall as art as well. Similarly, skis or a vintage sled could be placed in a leaning position against the fireplace.

Antlers can be attractive decoration, adds Riddiough. A chandelier made of antlers, or an antler on an entry table can help set a nature tone.

Use these helpful tips to create an environment your guests will love.

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