High-End Property Owner Earned Over $242,000

Homeowner and Market

Steve’s second home on Sunset Beach, a luxury property located oceanside in Orange County, needed full-service management since he lives many states away in Tennessee. After 12 years of mixed performance by a local realtor team, Steve decided to switch to an experienced vacation rental company. Since vacation rental management wasn’t their core competency, the realtors did not do a good job of keeping the vacation rental occupied. They did not adjust pricing, extensively market his property, or protect his home from damage.

Steve wanted a property management company where he would not have to micromanage vendors or guests. After extensive research, he turned to TurnKey because of our vacation rental expertise. TurnKey was the perfect full-service property management company that could handle all of Steve’s needs.


Managing a short-term rental requires a lot of time, technology and expertise, so Steve partnered with TurnKey as a full-service property management company with his goals in mind:

  • Turn over management of rental easily and with complete peace of mind
  • Beat previous property management company’s revenue performance
  • Protect home from parties and unruly guests

Performance Snapshot

  • Total revenue: $242,000 (605% of their goal)
  • HomeAway/VRBO rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars
  • Maximized revenue with 100 reservations

The Full Results

TurnKey took over the management of Steve’s property and immediately began booking quality guests. Steve wanted to use a property management company that had a robust revenue management strategy; TurnKey has a dedicated team of analysts that adjusts prices to match demand.

Steve was interested in TurnKey’s superior marketing strategy since his previous property manager’s scope was very limited. Steve’s property is now marketed on 50+ vacation rental websites, exclusively on TurnKeyVR.com with considerable SEO investment to increase visibility, and via email to TurnKey’s database of 400,000+ guests.

Steve was concerned about the potential for his high-end property to draw parties which often cause damage. TurnKey’s hands-on processes and technology protect his home with noise monitoring, bank-level ID verification, and secure keyless locks. Steve doesn’t need to worry because TurnKey’s quality control measures protect his home.

TurnKey’s proprietary housekeeping app ensures that Steve’s home is clean and ready for each guest. The photo verification process confirms each clean so that Steve and TurnKey’s inspection staff can be assured the clean was completed. This level of assurance and transparency was not provided by Steve’s previous property manager.

Want to learn how TurnKey can earn you more money and increase your occupancy rate? Schedule a consultation with us here.

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