HomeAway Call Center Number Now Exclusively on All Listings

The one constant when it comes to HomeAway’s property listings has been consistent change. Since “Best Match” launched in Fall 2015, HomeAway/VRBO changes have been difficult to track. The latest round of changes will affect guest reviews, guest service, and sort order and could impact your booking rate. Some HomeAway customers are already experiencing a negative impact on their rental bookings.   

HomeAway Replaced All Listing Phone Numbers with HomeAway Call Center Number

The only number on a HomeAway/VRBO listing will be HomeAway’s call center number. Prior to this change, a potential guest could call an owner or a property manager like TurnKey directly to assist in booking the property and answer any property-specific questions.

TurnKey invests in our Austin-based guest experience team’s thorough knowledge of our homes, processes, and benefits including our highly technology-enabled home. Our emphasis on a world-class customer service team will be undermined by HomeAway’s one-size-fits-all off-shore call center.

Don’t Be Alarmed

When you call the number listed, it will go to HomeAway agents that do not know what makes a TurnKey home unique. However, our homes are the best marketed and well-showcased homes on HomeAway. Our exceptional listings and unrivaled dynamic pricing strategies mean our homes will outperform the average home no matter who is fielding a reservation called. Additionally, all TurnKey-managed listings are fully-bookable online which should decrease the need to use phone reservationists.

Despite these changes, TurnKey’s volume of bookings from HomeAway has remained high.


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