Hotels vs. Airbnb: Let the Battle Begin

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5 Things Guests Want From Their Vacation Rental Experience
July 20, 2016
Harold J. Case Study
July 27, 2016

Hoteliers are starting to see changes in their guests’ preferences with the rising popularity of Airbnb and other home-sharing companies, and some savvy hotels are reacting accordingly. Noticeable responses include remodeling hotel rooms so that they closely represent the local experience rather than relying on a uniform brand presentation and providing more spaces where guests can socialize. Hotel employees are also encouraged to interact with their guests with a personable touch because “‘nowadays it’s about more real interactions, which are less rehearsed or checklist-oriented…’ said Jonathan Frolich, the vice president of Hyatt Centric.” These adjustments to hotel rooms and services are a silent endorsement of the experiences home-sharing provides to guests. If you own a vacation rental, here’s a great guide TurnKey produced about how to improve your guest experience.

Source: Hotels vs. Airbnb: Let the Battle Begin

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