How to Make Your Vacation Rental Appeal to Business Travelers

Marketing your vacation rental to business travelers can be a smart strategy for a number of reasons. For starters, business travelers can help keep your rental booked during the work week and potentially during off seasons, ultimately helping you make more money on your vacation rental. Plus, business traveler clientele often make great guests as they tend to be courteous and don’t prompt noise complaints or have reputations for leaving big messes behind after check-out.

Business travelers appear to be interested in alternatives to hotels, showing a growing interest in vacation rentals. For example, Airbnb rentals made up $1 million in expenses in a quarter, up from $0 a couple of years ago, according to a report from Concur, which operates a travel and expense system with more than 22 million users around the world. As more millennials move up in their companies and travel more, that could boom even more, expect the experts at Concur.

Want to make your vacation rental appeal to business travelers? Here are a few expert-backed strategies, including what amenities you should offer and how to stand out on vacation rental listings.

Offer Business-Friendly Amenities

While people traveling for vacation may want pool toy amenities or be curious about how close the nearest museum is to the accommodation, business clientele have different demands. Creating a space that’s intuitive when it comes to business travelers’ needs, and advertising what types of business-friendly amenities you have, will help your property stand out, experts say. Here are some of the top amenities business travelers are looking for when they book vacation rentals.

  • High speed internet: Offering easy-to-access, high-speed internet is a key in attracting business clientele. To go above and beyond, business guests will appreciate a screenshot of the speed report feature in the listing images, says Chad Sutton, a travel expert who who runs a two bedroom Airbnb in Chicago and has a luggage review site.
  • TV and cable: Many business people are traveling alone and want to unwind after a long day working, rather than going out and exploring the city, Sutton says. In your listing, describe what type of cable packages you have, pointing out any premium sports or movie packages. Invest in a nice television, and perhaps have a streaming device so guests can access their Hulu or Netflix accounts.
  • Hotel amenities: Oftentimes, business travelers pack light and efficiently so providing bulky items in your vacation rental, like linens and hair dryers, are extremely helpful, says Justin Riordan, interior designer, architect and founder of the Portland-based home staging company Spade and Archer Design Agency. “If you can have these items in the room prior to arrival, they will love it,” Riordan says.
  • High-quality clothing hangers: Because business travelers may need to look sharp for conferences, meetings, or lunches with clients, you’ll want to have durable clothing hangers for suits and blazers. Go the extra mile by offering some extras, like a handheld steamer to help release wrinkles, which inevitably occur when traveling.
  • A workspace: A desk with a good lamp, ergonomic chair and outlets on the desktop will make any business traveler feel right at home and ready for a productive stay, Riordan says. “Outlets on the nightstand are invaluable, they can be in the lamp or as a charging station, but they are great for charging phones and computers overnight or while up late working in bed,” he says.

How to Write Listings to Appeal to Business Travelers

So, how do you stand out to business travelers in your listings?

“Think like a business traveler,” says Jenna Rose Robbins, a digital nomad who has searched for work-friendly rentals in 15 different countries and also targeted business travelers for the condo that she rents out in Los Angeles. “I include the following words in my listing: desk, computer, office, Wi-Fi. I also make sure to let them know there’s a washer and dryer in the unit.”

She also suggests including high-quality photos, especially of the office, that give travelers a sense of the vacation rental’s setup.

If you feel your listing is perfect for a business traveler, speak directly to them in the title and explain why you think your listing is perfect for them. Advertise not just the amenities, but also whether it’s easy to catch an Uber or a Lyft from your property. Also, you could add information in your listing about how close your property is to downtown areas, city centers, or business districts.

Another idea? Give your guests an honest assessment of whether the property is quiet. If you’re in a busy downtown area, which is common in some business districts, consider purchasing a sound machine that plays white noise and nature sounds.

With these tips, you’ll be able to best cater to business travelers’ needs and help keep your vacation rental fully booked for both weekend getaways and work work travel too.

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