How to Make Your Vacation Rental Family-Friendly to Book More on Airbnb

Every Airbnb host aspires to maximize their bookings and make more money.

Identifying and targeting lucrative and problem-free guest types is your path of least resistance for achieving this outcome.

Families represent one such category of these target guests. Families generally book longer stays which minimizes your turnover costs and provides efficient gains. They tend to keep to themselves and pose minimal safety or security risks to you or your property and are often out-and-about during the day, minimizing time spent in the home and use of its varied amenities.

For all these reasons, families represent a desirable category of target guests.

It’s easy for hosts to overlook the small changes they can make to their homes to maximize its appeal and result in additional family bookings. Some of these changes can not only help win hosts more bookings, but can also qualify a rental for inclusion in one of Airbnb’s Collections.

Collections are a set of homes highlighted for a specific type of trip. The Family Collection is one such popular trip type.

Guests can filter for properties that are spotlighted as appropriate for families:

This means that homes that do not sit within the Family collection will be automatically excluded for guests that are searching specifically for family-friendly homes.

To qualify for the family collection, each listing must meet listing type requirements, provide specific amenities, have a high standard of reviews, and be explicit in indicating the listing’s appropriateness for children and infants in the house rules.

While it can help boost your business, participation in Airbnb’s Family collection is not a prerequisite for winning bookings from families. Whether operating your short-term rental exclusively on Airbnb, or listing across multiple booking sites, you’re always able (and encouraged!) to provide these amenities and hospitality standards irrespective of your participation or inclination towards being included in Airbnb’s Collection feature.

Nonetheless, these criteria serve as a useful roadmap for increasing the appeal of your home to families. These requirements should be seen as the minimum benchmark of what’s required for converting your home into a magnet for attracting bookings from families, and you should continually strive to go above and beyond in raising the bar for pleasing your familial guests.

We’ll run through each of these requirements to assist you in joining Airbnb’s Family collection to win an influx of family travel bookings.

Listing Type

As an individual traveler you may be fine sharing some common areas, but families naturally prefer a little extra privacy and space to spread out.

For this reason, qualification in the Families collection will require your listing to be classified as an entire home for its Home type:


Similarly, families have specific amenity needs – especially when they’re away from their own homes and creature comforts.

Whether it’s a big kitchen to prepare a nice family meal or a TV to keep the kids entertained, the following amenities are required to join the Family collection:

Whilst not required for qualification in the Family collection, hosts are still able to specify additional family-friendly amenities that are housed within their homes:

Homes that possess these amenities will naturally be of greater appeal to families that are traveling and away from these things in their own homes. Guests can also filter search results to eliminate listings that do not have any of these family amenities they deem to be of necessity or importance to themselves.

Ensure that you’ve updated your listing to indicate the availability of any of these amenities and consider the suitability of obtaining any additional family amenities likely to be of appeal.


Families naturally expect to stay with seasoned hosts that will minimize hassle and assist with delivering a great family vacation. Qualification in the Family collection is therefore reserved for listings that maintain a 4.8 overall rating for the last 365 days.

All listings in the Family collection must also have a minimum of five reviews, with at least 2 5-star reviews from families (bookings where a child or infant was included as a confirmed guest on the booking).

House Rules

To qualify for the Family collection, your house rules must indicate that your listing is suitable for children and infants:

How to Join the Family Collection

So long as your listing meets the above-mentioned criteria, it will automatically be added to the Family collection.

You’re always able to track your eligibility and understand any unmet requirements by going to your dashboard. This is what you will see:

Hosts often grapple with strategies for winning more bookings and better satisfying their target guests. All too often, this challenge overlooks the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ opportunity represented by families.

Qualification for Airbnb’s Family collection is one simple tactic for winning more bookings from families. Regardless of acceptance, these eligibility requirements should be seen as a roadmap for appreciating the unique wants and needs of family traveler types. Hosts should therefore aspire for qualification in the Family collection or at minimum consider the small changes they’re able to make in better appealing to families seeking short-term rental accommodation.

As a low-maintenance, worry-free and lucrative booking category type; making your home family-friendly should be a priority for hosts looking to make more money and simplify their lives.

Evian is the Founder & CEO of Padlifter – the one-stop-shop for getting found more often, winning more bookings, and making more money on Airbnb. He is the author of the best-selling book “The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money on Airbnb” and is an Airbnb Superhost that has hosted over 500 guests.

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