How to Market Your Beach Home During Off-Season

As summer comes to an end, you might be worried about keeping your beach vacation rental fully booked – don’t be!

For so many travelers, heading to the beach is about so much more than laying in the sand and playing in the water. It’s about making memories with loved ones, breathing the fresh beach air, and taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Mercedes Brennan and Karen Campbell—owners of 1 Chic Retreat, a design firm that teaches rental homeowners how to remain booked year-round through the power if interior design—told TurnKey the secret to consistent booking lies in creating a narrative with your online presence and remaining in your ideal customer’s thoughts year-round.

Want to keep your beach home booking through the fall and winter? Try these 5 things:

Advertise the local events in your city

Folks enjoy visiting beach towns for more than just the beach—they also enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and culture of the cities. Your city likely hosts a number of fall and holiday-themed events that visitors would find enticing, such as markets, tree lighting ceremonies, and Christmas pageants. Brennan and Campbell recommend homeowners head out to these special events this holiday season and take photos to share next fall. They’ll persuade prospective clients thinking about their next big family vacation to book early.

Cater to couples and individuals instead of families

Your off-season target market won’t be the same during the winter as it is during the summer. Potential customers are less likely to be families looking for a week away, and more likely to be couples or individuals trying to escape for a weekend.

It also doesn’t hurt to share some photos online of a couple getting cozy by your fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, or taking a walk along the beach in sweaters.

Market to Snowbirds

Every winter, thousands of retired folks flock to warmer states in seek of refuge from the blistering cold. In 2017, Florida alone experienced an influx of  900,000 seasonal residents. While some of these couples maintain a second home in their destination already, many look for long-term housing in warmer towns.

In this case, you’ll want to extend the maximum number of nights you allow customers to book, all the way up to a few months.

Install a heater into your home

If you and potential clients haven’t been visiting your beach house during the winter, chances are you might not have a heater installed, especially in older units. Including a heater on your rental home listing will be a huge bonus for folks who want to stay warm while they visit the shore.

Advertise your rental as a home-away-from-home for the holidays

Americans’ idea of a perfect holiday season is changing; 33% of U.S. citizens said they would rather skip the holidays in 2017, according to Forbes. For these people, going on vacation sounds much more enticing than buying gifts for family and friends. Why give your mom a gift card to Target when the whole family could split the cost of a relaxing getaway?

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