How to Transition Your Beach Rental From Summer to Fall

While vacation rentals on the beach are thought of as summer travel destinations, they’re still a top destination for fall travelers looking to plan a trip.

Even though the leaves won’t necessarily begin to change this fall in coastal communities around the country, beach rental homeowners can benefit from making some adjustments to their properties in September to get travelers thinking about a fall trip to the coast.

Autumn is actually the best season to visit the beach, according to Jetsetter, thanks to cheap airfare, the lack of crowds, and—of course—the perfect, crisp weather. A quick Google search reveals dozens of articles advertising to travelers the benefits of an autumnal pilgrimage to the coast. But guests will still be on the hunt for homes that match the aesthetic of the season, making them think of cool nights with warm blankets and hot cocoa.

Nick Costa, a beach rental home owner in southwest Florida, has mastered the art of transitioning his home from summer to fall with the help of textured pillows, cozy sheets, and a mini pumpkin or two. As Costa prepares his home for fall—he recommends homeowners make the transition in early September, after the Labor Day guests leave—he shared with TurnKey his top advice to fellow beach rental homeowners.

Maintain a minimalist attitude toward decor

When switching your decor over for autumn, there’s no need to head out to Michael’s and buy hundreds of dollars worth of decorations. By changing just a few key decorations—like wall art or table decor—you can easily change your home’s aesthetic without much effort.

For some property owners, you might actually want to maintain a beachy vibe, but just tone down the colors, like Costa does.

“Because our property is located in sunny southwest Florida, our vision is that we live in an eternal summer, and we want guests to be able to feel that tropical warmth of summertime,” Costa said. “In southwest Florida, there is not much of a fall season. Therefore, our transition from summer to fall is very simple.”

Switch up the sheets and decorative pillows in the bedrooms  

Obviously, sheets and pillowcases should be washed after each visitor stays at your rental home, but consider changing up your bedding completely once the seasons change.

Costa said during the fall months, they change their duvets in the bedroom are changed to neutral colors.

“In the master, we alternate between a set of tan quilt and shams as well as a brown set,” Costa said.  “In the guest rooms, we use light gray bedspreads as opposed to colorful patterns.”

In addition, Costa said they trade in their pillows for textured throw pillows around the house, including a couple fuzzy and soft pillows on the sofa and in the bedrooms. “The pillows scream ‘cozy’ and guests love them,” he said.

Don’t be afraid to decorate tastefully for the season, as well. “I also love gourds and mini pumpkins,” Costa said, “and will create a centerpiece with them and some cinnamon scented pinecones for the dining room table.”

Check out seasonal industry-wide decor trends

Costa said he finds most of his inspiration for home decor on Instagram. He follows accounts such as @sweetdomicile, @apartmenttherapy, @eclectic_goods, and @undecorated_home. “I also am part of two amazing groups—one on Instagram and one on Facebook—of fellow short-term rental hosts who I communicate with regularly and get great ideas from for decor and hosting in general,” he said.

Make practical adjustments to your home, as well

As the season changes, it’s less acceptable to rely solely on air conditioning in your home. For homes without a heater, bring in space heaters and extra heavy blankets.

Consider other factors that change during the fall, as well, including was creepy critters might try to invade your space. “We do have a monthly pest control service as a preventative measure, which helps when the temperatures do get a bit lower and pests may try to sneak in for warmth,” Costa said. “Sorry, bugs, not today!”

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