Make Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly

When travelers are planning vacations, one of the big decisions they’ll have to make while they’re planning is whether or not they’re bringing their furry friend Fido with them.

About 12% of U.S. travelers choose to bring their pets with them when they go on vacation, and for this demographic, whether a rental is pet-friendly or not is make it or break it for the booking, according to TurnKey’s 2018 Consumer Travel Survey.

On the fence about making your rental pet-friendly? Consider these pros and cons.

If you’re looking to appeal to pet-loving travelers, here are 5 things you can do to make your rental pet-friendly:

Make Rules Clear

Don’t make your guests guess about whether their breed of dog is allowed in your home, where the dog can go in the house, or how much they’ll be charged for bringing their pet. In your listing, make sure you outline everything a pet owner would need to know before deciding to bring their pet, like:

  • Cost and type of pet deposit
  • Animal breed, age, and weight restrictions
  • Restricted areas of the home
  • How many pets are allowed in the home
  • If pets need to be housebroken, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated

Treats, Bowls, and Toys

While some pets are particular and will only eat out of their food bowls, keeping food and water bowls on hand for travelers to use will mean there’s one less thing for them to pack to keep their pets happy on vacation. Consider purchasing bowls that can be put in the dishwasher instead of those that require handwashing. Additionally, keeping some dog and cat treats in the pantry gives travelers a way to reward their pets for a successful travel day or not having an accident in the house. It would be a nice touch to stock dog bones or small cat toys for guests to give to their pets and take with them when they leave.

Avoid Carpet

Cleanliness is one of the most important deciding factors of whether or not a guest enjoys their stay, and no one wants to walk into a rental that smells like stale animal urine. There are ways to keep your carpet from smelling like animal, but wood floors are usually much easier to clean and do not hold on to scents or stains. If having wood floors isn’t an option, think about making carpeted areas off-limits to pets or providing carpet cleaning supplies just in case.

Child Gates

If there are areas of your home that will be off-limits to animals, keep some child gates in a discreet place, like a closet, that guests can easily pull out and put up. Being able to gate off the stairs so their curious pup can’t walk up there will be less stressful for a guest than having to watch their pet every minute.

Febreeze and Candles

Just like most pet owners keep at home, decorating your home with candles and having bottles of Febreeze available will help travelers keep your home smelling fresh during their stay. Let your guests know that the candles are there for them to use and where they can find Febreeze if they want to freshen up the living room.

If you decide to make your rental pet-friendly, make sure you advertise it in your listing! It might also be a good idea to charge a pet fee and increase your damage waiver for additional protection. Whether or not you decide to allow pets in your home is entirely up to you – travelers of different kinds will love your home, either way.

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