How To Market Your Ski Home For Summer Bookings


Beach vacation home renting is in peak season right now, and you might be feeling your mountain rental isn’t getting enough bookings or the love that it deserves.

You don’t have to wait until “peak” seasons to make a living off of your home—you can do it year-round with  a little creativity, time, and marketing.

Mercedes Brennan and Karen Campbell—owners of 1 Chic Retreat, a design firm that teaches rental homeowners how to remain booked year-round through the power of interior design—told TurnKey the secret to consistent booking lies in creating a narrative with your online presence and remaining in your ideal customer’s thoughts year-round.

“Definitely go and stage your home year-round,” Campbell said. “Create a narrative and story about your house.”

Strong online marketing begins with creating social media channels for your vacation home. Brennan and Campbell recommend starting an Instagram with an enticing account description to share photos at least once a week of your vacation home. For more tips on using social media to generate bookings, go here.


Advertise that wonderful 70 degree weather

Just as snowbirds flock to beach towns during the winter to escape the bitter cold, folks down south will travel from near and far to beat the heat. Summer is actually becoming the new boom season for ski resort towns, according to Curbed, because vacationers are interested in hiking in gorgeous, breezy weather. In fact, Curbed said Colorado resort town Vail’s biggest day of the year is the Fourth of July, with 40,000 people hitting the streets to watch the local parade and fireworks.

Just like beach house owners, ski homeowners should advertise online about unique events happening in their city, like holiday celebrations and music festivals.


Consider upgrading to central air conditioning

While the summer might feel breezy enough for you to keep the doors open and the air conditioning off, many travelers will be coming from states that require constant AC blasting, such Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia.

If you absolutely cannot afford to invest in central air conditioning, Brennan and Campbell recommend getting a wall unit that can be installed near the ceiling.


Ditch the seasonal decorations

Brennan and Campbell say they advise their clients to avoid decorations with a ski theme. “Make it neutral for the seasons,” Brennan said. If you have access to your rental home year-round, update the decor according to the season. With staging photos, however, keep it neutral. On Instagram, share photos of wildflowers on the table and shots of the interior that show off the outdoors, too, by opening up the doors and windows. Brennan and Campbell said it’s important for your decor to create a narrative that compels vacationers to visit your home regardless of the season.  


Switch up the photos on your listing

If you want your prospective clients to perceive your home as a viable option year-round, you have to create the image that it is. Brennan and Campbell said that can be easily accomplished by including photos of your home throughout the year on the listing and mixing them all together. For every photo of your home looking like a white Christmas, include a photo of your home soaking up the sun during the summer.

Struggling to market your home during the summer? TurnKey can help with that. For more information, go here.

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