HomeAway Changes Review Criteria and Limits Phone Support Options

The one constant when it comes to HomeAway’s property listings has been consistent change. Since “Best Match” launched in Fall 2015, HomeAway/VRBO changes have been difficult to track. The latest round of changes will affect guest reviews and guest service.

Changes to HomeAway Review Criteria

What’s new: HomeAway adopted Expedia’s “Trusted Review” methodology earlier this year.

What this change means: Now only guests that made a booking on HomeAway can leave a review. We’re working to ensure the review rate remains high on turnkeyvr.com.  Read more.

HomeAway’s Call Center Number Now on All Listings

What’s new: HomeAway removed all phone numbers from listing except for their call center number.

What this change means: When guests call the number will go straight to HomeAway instead of to TurnKey’s trained agents. Read more.


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