Nashville’s Metro Council Willing to Negotiate with Short Term Rental Community

An onerous regulation, BL2017-608,  phasing out non-owner occupied short-term rental permits in residential areas in three years, unanimously passed 2nd reading by the Nashville Metro Council on May 15, 2017.

Short-term Rental Industry Leaders Making a Difference

However, NASTRA, Nashville Area Short Term Rental Association, will continue to negotiate, along with industry leaders, to reach a consensus with the city before the final vote in early July.

The sponsor of BL2017-608, Council Member Hagar plans to work on amendments to the current legislation to address issues with the bill.

Despite the outcome of the vote, it’s clear that the April 28th Planning and Zoning meeting during which many homeowners and vacation rental industry leaders spoke, was a positive turning point.

Tennessee Legislature Could Intervene

If a compromise between Nashville and the short term rental community is not reached, the state legislature could step in.

Last week, the House voted to block Nashville’s ordinance but the bill died in the Senate. However, several senators noted that if Nashville oversteps, the legislation to undo the regulation could be taken up next year.

The Short-term Rental Question in Nashville is Far from Settled

Laura Spanjian, Airbnb’s policy director for Tennessee, said the company remains “as committed as ever to continuing our past conversations with Councilman Hagar and other city policymakers to create smart and sensible rules that protect the quality of life in Nashville’s neighborhoods.

“We hope this development will allow all parties to return to the table in good faith and develop regulations that work for all of Nashville,” she said.

The council plans to meet in the coming weeks in a special meeting to discuss improvements to the ordinance.

Read about this most recent Metro Council action.

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