Noise-Monitoring Helps Make Instant Booking a Reality

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October 10, 2016
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October 20, 2016

The growing popularity of instantly bookable properties on vacation rental sites has led to the implementation of noise-monitoring technology to deter disruptive parties. Recognizing the need for additional security measures, TurnKey Vacation Rentals has introduced several ways to protect their vacation rental owners’ properties. As TurnKey CEO and Co-Founder T.J. Clark says “we are going above and beyond because we want instant bookings.” By using cutting-edge technology like a tablet that detects noise levels, a motion sensor and door bell monitor, and an identity verification service, TurnKey is taking a multi-pronged approach to ensuring their customers’ properties stay booked and remain safe.

Source: Vacation Rental Owners Turn to Noise-Monitoring in Instant Booking Era – Skift

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