Palm Springs Ordinance Changes and How TurnKey is Cooperating

On April 16, 2017, Palm Springs passed new ordinances that affect vacation rentals by limiting the number of times a year a vacation rental could be rented and creating stricter rules in regards to occupancy, parking, and in-person notification of rules.

Palm Springs Ordinance Changes

Booking Limits: Vacation homes can now only be rented up to 36 times a year and 4 of the bookings must occur in the summer.

Parking Limits: Only 1 car will be allowed per bedroom. Regardless of whether the cars are parked on private property or not, you can be cited by the city.

Occupancy Limit: The occupancy will be capped at 8 people with only 2 persons allowed per bedroom. Two children under 12 will be allowed in addition to the maximum.

In-person Meeting Requirement: All adults over the age of 25 must provide a “wet signature” that they understand rules and regulations, receive a copy of the rules and regulations, and be given verbal instructions on noise, parking, and occupancy.  

Guest List Limit: Homeowners may have up to 5 people on their permanent guest list that can only be updated once a year at the time of renewal.

Three Strike Policy: If your home receives 3 citations within a 12-month period, including citations caused by guests, Palm Springs will suspend your TOT permit for 2 years.

How TurnKey is Keeping Your Rental Compliant 

  • Our sophisticated revenue management team will develop a clear strategy for maximizing revenue for 36 bookings.
  • On the listing and our access instructions, we will clearly instruct guests on parking limitations so guests know in advance how many cars to bring.
  • Our noise monitoring technology, advanced guest screening practices, and on-the-ground staff will ensure the occupancy limit is enforced.
  • TurnKey is exploring the option of leasing an office in downtown Palm Springs to allow us to meet with guests and gather wet signatures, deliver verbal instructions on noise, parking, and occupancy restrictions. We’re also exploring ways to incorporate technology to make this more efficient.
  • As always, we will work with you to ensure you can use your home as much as you like and easily book your property through the owner dashboard. You can book vacations for your permanent guest list easily.
  • Our Field Ops staff post all the permit information, rules and regulations inside each home at the front and back door for high visibility.

Lawsuits and Ballot Initiatives Could Alter Ordinances

The strict new set of ordinances did not go far enough for some Palm Springs residents intent on an outright ban on short-term rentals.

A newly formed neighborhood group is collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to vote on whether to ban short-term rentals.

A group called Vacation Rental Owners & Neighbors of Palm Springs is opposing this measure.

Vacation rentals provide valuable income for homeowners which include retirees and working people and those who want to maintain a second home in Palm Springs.

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