#PlanForVacation in 2018: Check Out These 10 Hot Travel Destinations

One of the biggest trends in vacation in the U.S. is… that people don’t.

In 2017, Project Time Off found over half of Americans didn’t use all of their vacation days and left 662 million vacation days on the table – that’s over 5 billion hours of time off. From feeling unable to step away from their desks to planning on “just using the time later,” Americans are missing out on a huge opportunity to reset, recharge, and explore.

To combat unused vacation time, Project Time Off is encouraging everyone to sit down on January 30th to #PlanForVacation. Pull out your calendar, fire up your search engine, and start planning your 2018 getaways.

Need inspiration for your future travels? Check out TurnKey Vacation Rentals’ top 10 hot travel destinations of 2017:




10. Cape Cod

Population: 215,888

Best Restaurant: Captain Linnell House*

Most Popular Attraction: Shining Sea Bikeway*


9. Los Angeles

Population: 3.976M

Best Restaurant: Providence

Most Popular Attraction: The Getty Center


8. Galveston










Population: 50,550

Best Restaurant: Rudy & Paco Restaurant & Bar

Most Popular Attraction: Port Bolivar Ferry


7. Austin

Population: 947,890

Best Restaurant: Truluck’s Seafood

Most Popular Attraction: Texas State Capitol


6. Fort Lauderdale

Population: 178, 752

Best Restaurant: Premiere Bar

Most Popular Attraction: Fort Lauderdale Beach

5. South Texas Coast**

Population: 27,802

Best Restaurant: Irie’s Island Food

Most Popular Attraction: Port Aransas Beach


4. Seattle










Population: 704,352

Best Restaurant: The Pink Door

Most Popular Attraction: Chihuly Garden and Glass

3. Palm Springs

Population: 47,689

Best Restaurant: Purple Room Supper Club

Most Popular Attraction: Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

2. San Diego

Population: 1.407M

Best Restaurant: The Taco Stand

Most Popular Attraction: USS Midway Museum


1. Nashville










Population: 684,410

Best Restaurant: Joey’s House of Pizza

Most Popular Attraction: Grand Ole Opry


Ready to book a trip? Check out our vacation rentals here.

* Determined by TripAdvisor reviews

** South Texas Coast is comprised of Rockport, Port Aransas, and Fulton

Methodology: Top destinations were determined by number of bookings per market in TurnKey Vacation Rental’s database and Google search volume for January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. The two factors were weighted equally to determine TurnKey Vacation Rental’s most popular destinations.

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