Santa Barbara Homeowner Earns $250,000

Homeowner and Market

Renting out your property as a short-term rental can make even the most experienced homeowner nervous, but the benefits of working with a full-service property manager like TurnKey Vacation Rentals–higher ROI, happier guests, and zero time spent managing the property–far outweigh any initial concern. Greg purchased his home in Santa Barbara, CA in 2014 and knew the property had exceptional earning potential if maintained and secured by the right property manager who would promote the property, keep cleaning fees low, field all inquiries from guests, and generate revenue.

Greg, a busy businessman, saw the value in purchasing a second home but did not want to spend time managing the rental or dealing with guest issues 24/7. TurnKey’s full-service property management option meant he didn’t have to. TurnKey’s advanced technology like the TurnKey Owner Dashboard, the TurnKey Home Droid, smart locks and photo inspections ensured the rental was well maintained without adding cost.


Owning a short-term rental serves two purposes for most owners: as a vacation destination and an investment. Greg partnered with TurnKey as a full-service property management company to manage the rental with his goals in mind:

  • Generate rental revenue to maximize the investment value of his property
  • Have peace of mind that a trustworthy property manager is caring for his property by being transparent and effectively communicating
  • Spend zero time handling vacation rental business
  • Maintain a high-quality home so guests have an exceptional rental experience

The Results

In the first two years with TurnKey, the net income from renting out Greg’s property increased every year. Following the success of his first rental, Greg bought a second property for TurnKey to manage. He’s earned well over $250,000 with TurnKey since 2015. TurnKey helped Greg generate more revenue by keeping fees low, leveraging technology for better processes, and providing excellent customer service.We reach 95% of potential guests through extensive marketing on over 20 of the major listing sites.

TurnKey’s highly organized process provided Greg peace of mind without requiring any additional time. The TurnKey Owner Dashboard allowed him to see every single guest inquiry, booking, housekeeping photo, guest review, TurnKey inspection, and maintenance item.TurnKey’s transparency helped solidify Greg’s trust in the company.

Want to learn how TurnKey can earn you more money and increase your occupancy rate? Schedule a consultation with us here.

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