Vacation Rentals

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November 29, 2017
disaster recovery

How to Repair Your Vacation Home After a Natural Disaster

Do you know what to do with your short-term rental after natural disaster strikes? ...Read more
October 17, 2017
money vacation rentals

How Much Money Can You Make From a Vacation Rental?

Short-term vacation rentals in sought-after markets now outpace long-term rentals for potential cash flow....Read more
November 4, 2016

Is Airbnb a Threat to the Hotel Industry?

US News and World Report: Is Airbnb a Threat to the Hotel Industry?
"Travelers with families used to skip going to cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Chicago because of the high cost of one or more hotel room. Now, they will because they can find a vacation rental home with enough space and home amenities at affordable prices," Banczak of Turnkey Vacation Rentals says....Read more
October 26, 2016

Is Nashville the Next Austin?

It’s hard to ignore the parallels between Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World and Nashville, Music City U.S.A. ...Read more