The Business of Hotels Vs. Short-Term Rentals in 4 Charts

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June 6, 2016
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June 17, 2016

With its substantial investment funding and long-term strategy to accommodate business travelers, Airbnb is poised to be the second largest hospitality company in the world by 2020. A series of Euromonitor International projections conclude that only Marriott-Starwood will overshadow Airbnb in terms of overall sales by 2020, short-term rentals in North America are among the greatest in volume of lodging and revenue, and “the average amount a short-term rental guest has paid per booking has decreased since 2008.” Considering the latter, short-term rental owners must work hard to market their listing and make it a prime choice for prospective guests. The growth of the home-sharing industry looks promising with Airbnb going head-to-head with the top names in hospitality, and this makes hosting a home on Airbnb an even more alluring way to make use of an investment property.

Source: SkiftThe Business of Hotels Vs. Short-Term Rentals in 4 Charts

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