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core values

At TurnKey, we have 5 core values that our company and employees live by that fall under the umbrella of “always do the right thing.” Our core values are everywhere in our company, and every month we recognize a number of employees who exemplify these values.

But what do these values really mean and what are some ways to exemplify them at TurnKey? Check out these 5 short descriptions:

1. Respect People: Your Team, Vendors, Guests, and Homeowners

Respect is the founding principle of our company culture. We embrace each person’s unique talents and diverse backgrounds, experiences, approaches, and ideas to constantly grow as a company. Our goal is to provide a valuable, meaningful, and interesting workplace that fosters a happy, motivated team, which includes our vendors and other contractors. By doing so, our team is able to provide our customers-both guests and homeowners-with the best possible experience and service.

Here’s an example of a Field Operations agent respecting and valuing the hard work of a housekeeping vendor to show appreciation and encourage excellent work:

“I was recently visiting Santa Barbara and I had the opportunity to sit down with the local team. He and I were talking about the great work that our housekeepers do there and he immediately thought that it would be a good idea to treat their “top” vendor. He thought about taking her to lunch just to say thanks. Although he wasn’t personally able to do this (he was out running around and closing cases), his manager, did so that following Monday. The housekeeper was thrilled and honored. That support and compassion for our vendors is crucial when it comes to treating them with respect.”

2. Communicate and Be Transparent

By listening to others, we gain deeper, more holistic understanding of our team, how our jobs fit into the services that TurnKey provides and what we need to do to make sure we, our team and the company as a whole are successful. We also want to encourage two-way communication, because each employee’s input helps us continue to improve and grow as a company.

We take the time to tell our team, guests and owners what they need to know in a clear, transparent way that cannot be misunderstood. We document our knowledge and share our learning so that others are enabled to reach their highest potential in their jobs and will learn from our mistakes and successes. This is compassionate communication: we do it because we care.

Here’s an example of a developer who embodies clear, transparent, compassionate communication by translating complicated computer concepts to non-developers for interdepartmental success:

“Being a developer, he naturally has a more complicated language and lingo than the rest of us. I can only imagine how hard it is to explain these technical difficulties to the layman yet he does it. He goes above and beyond making sure that he has clearly documented each and every process change, rule, and nuance. Not only that but he is more than willing to sit down in person if something just isn’t clicking for us “layman”. He is easy to work with and to say that I enjoy him is an understatement.“

3. Deliver Convenience and Peace of Mind

The premium experience that we deliver for our guests is twofold: we deliver convenience (which means time savings) and peace of mind (which means reliability). Our teams work cohesively with our technology to provide a consistent, hotel-like guest experience and superior owner services. Owners can trust us to take care of their properties as if they were our own and take care of their financial investments as if we invested our own money. We handle all aspects of managing each vacation rental so owners don’t have to.

We also want to deliver convenience and peace of mind to our co-workers and ensureg that we get our work done in a timely, professional manner, going above-and-beyond the call of duty to help each other out.

Here’s an example of a member of our guest experience team delivering convenience and peace of mind by keeping a guest completely up to date:

“In Guest Ex, we live and die by communication. It is hard to have a guest on the phone, let them know someone is going to follow up with them about an issue that you have no control over, and trust that where the case lands, will be handled in the same manner that you would. She gives that peace of mind. When she gets a case, you can guarantee that she will follow all necessary steps to make sure the guest is contacted, the case notes are updated, and in a lot of cases, a person email sent to the case maker, that the issue is in good hands. “

4. Act Proactively, Not Reactively

Each team member anticipates and promptly fixes any problem before it has the opportunity to become worse and impact team members, guests and owners. We do not pass the buck. We deal with each issue in a timely, professional manner and don’t expect someone else to fix the problem for us. We write down what happened so others know, and we constantly update our best practices.

Here’s an example of our revenue management team acting proactively to manage a homeowner’s request promptly and anticipating any potential concerns.

“She works hard to fully understand the inner workings of our unique software. She works to make sure that each unique request from a homeowner is met. If this requires additional investigation she handles it. She offers up suggestions to better serve any requests and is always thinking one step ahead. She is a joy to work with and I know that each communication I have with her will be thorough and accurate- not to mention forward thinking.”

5. Innovate and Improve

Each team member is responsible for new ideas, finding problems and solving them in your role so they never happen again. We challenge the status quo and think critically based on data and facts. Finding a better way for your team, guests and owners is the the TurnKey way.

Here’s an example of a General Manager innovating and improving to be able to meet our company goals.

‘She is continually pushing the boundaries to improve systems, ensuring constant communication between team members, encouraging us to back each other up – always leading the pack as a prime example. She is always promoting the importance of respecting our vendors and each other, and uses every less-than-positive experience as a learning opportunity to grow.”

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