TurnKey Homeowner Offers Free Place to Stay to Nashville First-Responder

Last month, we were proud to launch our TurnKey Cares Relief Housing Program, allowing homeowners to open up their vacation rental homes to those providing critical services on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, nearly 4,000 TurnKey homeowners have opted in, including Nashville homeowners Jack Saunders and Meghann Phillips, who have been with TurnKey for over two years. 

“When the virus hit we thought, ‘What can we do to contribute to this terrible thing we’re all going through?’ Then we got an email from TurnKey asking if we’d be interested in opting into their program to help house first responders,” Jack said. “We thought it would be the perfect vehicle for us to play a small part in helping give back.”

Through this initiative, TurnKey has worked with Airbnb and various first-responder organizations across the country – as well as direct inquiries on our website – to allow homeowners to make their homes available at either complimentary or significantly discounted nightly rates

Jack and Meghann chose to offer their Nashville home fully complementary to a doctor serving the community. The doctor, a cardiothoracic surgeon, required housing closer to his hospital where he could self-isolate from his wife and two children while performing his critical work.

“We had a couple of choices: we could continue to rent out the place at the regular price, offer discounted rates or just offer it for free,” Jack said. “It was a really easy decision for us to offer our home for free. It’s there, it’s in a great location, it’s something that’s needed in these communities to help people out, and it’s just the good humanitarian thing to do.”

Thousands of TurnKey homeowners like Jack and Meghann opted into our TurnKey Cares Relief Housing Program to provide a safe and convenient place for first responders to stay while continuing to serve their communities through these difficult times. Through the program, these homes will be made available for bookings initially through May 31, 2020.

“Folks are putting their lives on the line to help everyone out, and our small part is just letting them stay in the house. So it’s a really good feeling to participate in the ways where we can make a difference.” – Jack Saunders

Thank you, Jack and Meghann, for your extraordinary generosity. And thank you to all of TurnKey homeowners and vendors for helping us keep our properties clean and safe for those who need it most.

TurnKey Cares Housing Relief Program

In partnership with our incredible homeowners, we initiated the TurnKey Cares Relief Housing Program on April 10, 2020, offering thousands of homes for COVID-19 responders at complimentary or significantly discounted rates through May 31, while they perform their critical services. We have worked with local organizations in the markets we serve, as well as partners like Airbnb to connect our homes with those in need of housing.

To all COVID-19 responders, we thank you for your service in support of our communities across the U.S.

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