The TurnKey Revenue Guarantee: Q & A with CEO T.J. Clark

We’re only successful when our homeowners are.

Since 2013, that has been a large portion of TurnKey’s focus – to make our homeowners as successful as they can be. With each technological advancement and service enhancement, the value we offer our homeowners has steadily increased. We’re confident in the work we’re doing and what we have proven to be true about vacation rental management, which is why we’re proud to share the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee*.

Why is TurnKey doing this? Homeowners have an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to managing their property. We want to make the choice an easy one with low risk and high rewards. Coupled with our industry-low commission, world-class service, and expert local teams, this guarantee truly makes it easy to discover TurnKey’s smarter way to vacation rental.

We know what we’re capable of, and this guarantee will help us help more homeowners – to earn more revenue, to make their lives easier, and to give them greater peace of mind with how their home is being taken care of.

Our CEO and Co-founder T.J. Clark shared his thoughts on the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee and why this is a huge benefit for vacation rental homeowners in the following Q&A.


Q: What is the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee?

“For you as a homeowner, the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee means that you will make at least as much net revenue as you made on your vacation rental the previous year. In order to be eligible for this program, you’ll need to be new to TurnKey and have 12 months of verifiable rental history.

“If you’ve been managing your own property yourself, we will at least match your previous tax year net revenue. Guaranteed.

“If you were previously working with a property manager, then we guarantee you’ll make at least $5,000 more in net revenue.

“In both cases, you get our industry-low commission rate and industry-leading property management service. It’s easy to trust TurnKey with your vacation rental with the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee.”


Q: What does the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee mean for vacation rental homeowners?

“The Guarantee means TurnKey is going to provide homeowners like you with peace of mind; we’re going to maximize your revenue; and we’re going to take great care of your home. This is what we get up in the morning thinking about and we feel so confident in our ability to do those things that we guarantee it.”


Q: What makes the Guarantee unlike anything out on the market?

“This Guarantee provides a financial backing to our promise: cutting-edge technology that’s integrated with expert local and national service to provide a premier vacation rental management experience, all at industry-low commission rates. Other property managers may offer some form of a guarantee, but they charge a much higher commission rate. So as a homeowner, you’ll end up keeping a lot less in the end – we don’t believe this is right.”


Q: Why is TurnKey offering this?

“We feel so strongly and confident in what we can deliver that when a homeowner gives us the chance and the honor to take care of their property, we’ll prove it was the right decision.”


Q: What is your favorite part of the Revenue Guarantee?

“I want vacation rental owners to feel peace of mind, and our Revenue Guarantee is an important way forward for us in this respect. Peace of mind for us means trust. The homeowner can trust in TurnKey; we’ll take care of their home, guests and increase revenue with high-value bookings. That is the ultimate peace of mind for a homeowner.”


Q: What does the Guarantee mean for guests?

“Our brand and service is enhanced by this performance guarantee because we will be able to add more high-quality homes in some of the most desirable in the US. We’re already at 4,000 live homes at TurnKey, and we intend to have a lot more over the next year – we’re growing faster than ever.”

Want to learn more about the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee? Schedule a consultation with us and get your custom revenue guarantee.

*We guarantee up to our management commission earned and the TurnKey Guarantee is not intended to solicit the breach of an existing vacation rental management agreement.

In order to initially qualify, you must have rented your vacation rental for at least one year (12 consecutive months) and be able to provide the proper documentation demonstrating your net rental revenue during that period.

The $5,000 guarantee is based on net revenue and only applicable if your rental is currently being managed by another vacation property management company. The guarantee for owners managing their own property is also based on net rental revenue. Other terms and conditions apply.

In accordance with local laws and regulations, the TurnKey Revenue Guarantee is not available in all states. Please contact TurnKey to confirm availability.


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