Smart Locks Provide Better Security and Guest Experience

Turnkey Technology Spotlight: Smart Locks Provide Better Security and Guest Experience

Hundreds of Thousands of Vacation Rental Owners Put Themselves and Their Guests at Risk

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The Background

As home-sharing and vacation rentals become more popular than ever, most owners know the benefits of and take great pride in providing a comfortable home for guests, crafting a great looking listing on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, and truly caring about their guests’ experience.  However, very few owners take the security of their homes seriously.  Less than 2% of existing rental homes TurnKey contracted with had installed secure digital locks.  Almost all of the rental homes were using an antiquated key-exchange or a static-code lock, leaving guests and owners unsafe and the property unsecured.  This edition of Turnkey Technology Spotlight dives into how we leveraged digital locks to provide a higher level of security, more efficient processes, and a better experience for owners, vendors and guests.

The Challenge

TurnKey believes no responsible owner or manager should use a key or static-code based entry system for their home.  The reason is simple: In an average year, there are 150 different guests who enter and exit a home and over 60 different housekeeping, maintenance and inspection visits.  Sharing keys or static codes with that many people is risky.  As vacation rental owners ourselves, we would not feel comfortable staying at a home knowing over 200 people in the last year could have made a copy of the key or have used the same guest code.  In one case, we heard of a property manager that used the same key code at every home in one ski town!

Dropping off a key, hiding it under a rock, or using traditional combination lock-boxes don’t work. “Dumb locks” don’t make sense for our owners, vendors or guests.

The Solution

TurnKey doesn’t cut corners on safety, security or convenience.  We pay to install a secure digital lock on every home we manage.  This digital lock is safe, reliable and secure; it utilizes technology that requires a new code for every guest, housekeeper or vendor visit.  There is no way to share codes or make key copies.  Guests and owners can easily access the property and rest assured that we are using the best known solution possible for easy and secure access.

The Benefits to Owners and Guests

  • We are able to manage access remotely through the owner and guest portals created by TurnKey. Before arriving at a property, guests are provided with their unique access code for their stay via app and email.
  • TurnKey has greater degree of control over who and when someone enters the home. Our system provides complete transparency to ensure that cleanings occur on time and within a distinct period.
  • The security of our homes is enhanced by ensuring there are no keys to access and tailoring each code to each entrant to deter sharing.
  • We use commercial-grade locks that do not rely on WiFi or bluetooth,  have a long battery life, are easy-to-use, and are reliable.
  • The locks provide incredible convenience to guests.  Guests choose to book a vacation rental rather than a hotel room, so we want arriving and entering a vacation rental to be even easier than checking-in at a front desk to receive a room key.

The Results

These locks work! We have logged over 100,000 entries and exits in 2015 alone, with only a 0.01% failure rate.  Using digital locks results in better property management, more secure homes, and happy guests – all at no costs to our owners.

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