Cleaning Innovations for Safer Travel

As the desire to travel continues to grow, many travelers may choose domestic vacations and short-term rentals over hotels and international trips, avoiding airports and crowded public spaces, and doing their part to travel safely and responsibly

In fact, in the CDC’s current guidelines for lodging options they list “a house or cabin with people from your household (e.g., vacation rentals)” as a lower-risk option than staying in a hotel. The lowest risk option of course is to stay home.

To adapt to today’s reality and the future of travel, TurnKey has rolled out vacation rental cleaning innovations and enhanced our standards, incorporating findings and updates on hygiene and cleaning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

We take standards for cleanliness very seriously. In light of COVID-19, the enhancements to our GuestWorks® cleaning system and verification technology were made to ensure the safety of our homeowners, guests, vendors and team members. “The emergence of COVID-19 presented new challenges for vacation rental cleanliness, but we built our technology platform to quickly update and enhance cleaning standards at scale,” said TurnKey Co-founder and CEO John Banczak. “Today more than ever, the wellbeing of our homeowners, guests, vendors, employees and communities remains our highest priority. It is vitally important that they understand the standards we set to ensure their safety and the cleanliness of our homes.”

“Today more than ever, the wellbeing of our homeowners, guests, vendors, employees and communities remains our highest priority. It is vitally important that they understand the standards we set to ensure their safety and the cleanliness of our homes.”

TurnKey Co-founder and CEO John Banczak.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals cleaning enhancements

Ultimately, as travelers around the world begin to prepare for safe and responsible travel, cleanliness and safety will continue to be top of mind.

Prior to COVID-19, TurnKey’s GuestWorks systems and technology had already eliminated the need for person-to-person contact during a home clean by issuing housekeepers time-sensitive, digital access codes for the home. In order to reassure travelers and homeowners, we have rolled out new enhancements to our system: 

  • Confirming the use of COVID-19 fighting cleaning products: Our professional housekeepers follow stringent cleaning standards, customized for your home on the TurnKey Housekeeping App. Now housekeepers are required to both confirm and photo-validate their use of COVID-19 fighting products with our GuestWorks technology in your rental.
  • Enhanced home cleaning standards checklists: Through the app, we’ve also rolled out updated checklists with more rigorous standards regarding cleaning high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles and light switches, in line with CDC guidelines.
  • Social distancing measures: Our system already eliminates the need for person-to-person contact through keyless access codes for your home. We’ve enhanced this program by ensuring neither our team members nor vendors visit your home when you or a guest is present.
  • 24-hour booking buffer: To further enhance the cleaning process, we will place a 24-hour hold between guest stays on new bookings for May and June 2020. During that 24-hour window, only housekeeping and home inspections by TurnKey staff will be allowed.

In addition to protecting the safety of future travelers and our employees, these enhancements will help provide greater transparency and confidence for our guests throughout the entire vacation rental experience.

GuestWorks system and technology training and certification

With an aim toward elevating both the consistency of home cleans and adherence to new standards for cleanliness and safety, we’re launching a certification program in our patented GuestWorks cleaning system and verification technology. All housekeeping vendors will be required to complete this program in order to receive the certification.

This training program will include a review of our updated cleaning standards and technology, including cleaning for high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces, as well as our proprietary housekeeping scheduler, keyless locks, in-home tablet, TurnKey Housekeeping App, and custom cleaning checklists. 

“Even when local restrictions are lifted and people start to travel again, we believe cleanliness and safety standards will remain highly important to our guests and homeowners, as well as vendors and team members across the country,” said TurnKey Vice President of Operations Jason Everson. “This training represents a permanent shift and improvement in our ability to ensure everyone adheres to important cleanliness and hygiene standards, both today and in the future.”

TurnKey Takeaway:

Here are 6 ways we ensure the cleaning of our properties with TurnKey GuestWorks.

  1. Cleans are automatically scheduled to occur before each guest’s stay.
  2. Housekeepers receive secure codes to access home without any person-to-person contact.
  3. Housekeepers use TurnKey’s Housekeeping App for custom cleaning checklists at each home.
  4. Photo-verification of COVID-19 fighting products is required before each clean is completed.
  5. The TurnKey Housekeeping App is used to photo-verify the clean of each room. 
  6. Home cleanliness is rated by each guest upon check-in.
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