TurnKey Vacation Rentals Surpasses 150,000 Home Cleanings Enabled Through FieldSync Technology

TurnKey’s industry-first technology platform for remote, end-to-end facilitation of housekeeping jobs, FieldSync, has now fully enabled more than 150,000 home cleanings. From automated vendor scheduling, to in-home cleaning instructions, to verification and vendor payments, TurnKey FieldSync leverages smart technology and systems to maintain a 98% guest satisfaction rating of cleanliness upon check-in.

“For vacation rental owners and the vast majority of property managers, it’s extremely challenging to remotely manage the schedules, quality and consistency of housekeepers when there’s a steady stream of guests booking the home throughout the year,” said T.J. Clark, TurnKey co-founder and CEO. “Homeowners and managers can easily spend more time and money on housekeeping than anything else. With TurnKey FieldSync, we have developed an industry-changing technology platform to automate cleanings by third-party vendors with simple-to-use systems and tools.”

Part of TurnKey’s smart technology infrastructure for vacation rentals, FieldSync integrates data and interaction from multiple platforms to schedule, facilitate, verify and consistently improve the quality of housekeeping jobs at properties nationwide. Housekeeping jobs are automatically scheduled upon guest bookings, facilitated through TurnKey HomeDroid tablets installed at every home, verified in the system through photo comparisons, and then rated by each guest upon check-in. Housekeepers with positive ratings continue in FieldSync as TurnKey vendors, while underperforming housekeepers get phased out of the system, ensuring consistent, high-quality cleanings.

“Our guests tell us that a sparkling clean vacation rental is the leading factor contributing to a positive stay. It’s also one of the best ways for vacation rental homeowners to ensure positive reviews and repeat bookings,” Clark continued. “TurnKey FieldSync enables us to provide the fine hotel experience guests have come to prefer and increasingly expect in their vacation rental.”

With 84% of travelers citing cleanliness as a very important factor in their travel accommodations booking decision, TurnKey’s ability to provide exceptionally and consistently clean homes through FieldSync is monumental.

The FieldSync system includes 4 key elements:

  1. Housekeeping Scheduler – Uber-style dispatch fully automates scheduling of housekeeping vendors. A new booking generates a housekeeping job alert that TurnKey-approved vendors receive via SMS on a round-robin basis. Upon acceptance, the vendor receives a unique door lock code with time stamps, providing secure access to the home via TurnKey’s digital lock, which is programmed remotely.
  2. Vendor Portal – Housekeeping vendors access TurnKey’s user-friendly vendor portal via mobile or desktop to see and manage their scheduled jobs, and to accept or reject jobs that have been offered.
  3. Housekeeping App – Once inside the home, the housekeeper must check in via the housekeeping app on the TurnKey HomeDroid tablet. This tablet is geo-coded to the home and includes detailed photos taken by TurnKey’s in-market team for use as housekeeping comparison, verification, and quality control. The app also prompts the housekeeper to report any on-site issues, such as broken furniture or appliances, or low supply quantities, which will generate a “repair” or “restocking” case for the local TurnKey team.
  4. Field Inspector – Upon completing the housekeeping job, the housekeeper is prompted to take photos of the home using the TurnKey HomeDroid tablet, matching the comparison photos. These photos are then uploaded and reviewed within one minute by a third-party, who either accepts or rejects the photos. If rejected, the housekeeper will be instructed to resolve any issues and retake the photos. If the housekeeper fails to do so, they are not paid for the job.

If the housekeeper completes the job in a satisfactory way, payment will be approved and scheduled for the next business day. As an extra level of evaluation, guests are prompted upon check-in to rate the home’s cleanliness via the HomeDroid tablet. If the guest provides a 5-star rating, the cleaner will receive a $10 bonus payment. If the guest rates the clean with 3-stars or below, TurnKey follows up with the housekeeper on that job to correct any issues or phase them out of the FieldSync system.

FieldSync is just one of TurnKey’s proprietary technologies that enables us to automate time-consuming property management tasks, giving homeowners peace of mind, and guests a reliable, fine-hotel experience in a vacation rental.

Full press release here.

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