TurnKey Vacation Rentals’ Winter Ski Report for 2017

Crisp air, fresh snow, and gorgeous mountain views draw travelers to the slopes every winter from mid-October through mid-April. In fact, seven of the top ten fall destinations for vacation home rentals are cities with mountains equipped for snow sports.

As the prime season for skiing and snowboarding approaches, travelers have plenty of U.S. resorts to choose from spanning from coast to coast. Factors such as number of trails (and their levels of difficulty), lift ticket prices, and the amount of snowfall all play a role in deciding where to visit. A mogul-covered mountain that’s fitting for an avid, lifelong skier might not be an optimal fit for a newbie who would benefit from shorter, less difficult runs. And large families, for instance, might prefer resorts with less expensive lift tickets.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals pulled together information on over 260 ski resorts in the United States, focusing specifically on resorts with over 15 named trails. In our sheet of data (see below), you will find the top ranking resorts based on average ticket price, total number of trails and lifts, vertical drop, length of season, average snowfall, and overall search volume (an indicator of popularity) for each specific resort.

The top three ski and snowboard states are Colorado, California, and Utah. These three states alone own nearly 50% of the top 100 ski resorts in the U.S., according to the study. You’ll find that 77% of Colorado resorts are in the top 100 U.S. resorts, with 74% of California resorts making the cut, and 83% of Utah resorts also included. Visitors should expect steeper prices at these top destinations. The results of our study show an average overall lift ticket price of $68.33 for U.S. resorts. Colorado ($115.66), California ($87.19), and Utah ($88.66) offer significantly higher average prices.

For families or large groups looking for mountain resorts with plenty of trails and affordable lift ticket prices, consider visiting resorts in states like Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Idaho. Each of these states has over 10 resorts with an average daily lift ticket price falling below $54.

Check below to see if your favorite resort made the top 25 or find the full data sheet below. 


You may find our data below. If you would like your own excel spreadsheet so you may filter and explore or have questions, please email kerry.sherin@turnkeyvr.com.

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