Using IDology Results in Secure Guest Screening

Turnkey Technology Spotlight: Using IDology Results in Secure Guest Screening
Lack of Thorough Screening Increases Risk of Fraud and Damage

The Background
As home-sharing and vacation rentals become more popular than ever, very few homeowners take the security of their homes seriously by thoroughly screening guests to verify age, identity, and criminal background. While vacation rental damage is rare according to MyVR, one instance can be more than enough. This edition of the Turnkey Technology Spotlight dives into how we use IDology, a bank level screening service to ensure your home is being rented by verified guests.

The Challenge
Methods for verifying identity of guests can vary depending on whether or not a homeowner manages their own property or uses a property manager. If you use a property manager, make sure you know how they screen guests. Screening guests via a phone interview does not cut it because guests that will become a problem are the last ones that will admit that they have negative intentions over the phone.

If you use an instant book feature without doing any screening, you might capture more bookings, but there is a risk of booking guests with ill intentions. Is that a trade-off you are willing to make?

The Solution
At TurnKey we use IDology, a banking-level identification verification system. IDology is a leader in multi-layered identify verification and fraud prevention solutions. With the addition of IDology’s technology, TurnKey provides the most advanced guest screening process in the vacation rental industry. In addition to IDology, TurnKey also conducts comprehensive guest interviews and prohibits many same-day bookings.

Homeowners can rest assured that every time their home is rented, it will be by a responsible adult that has had their identity verified. Verification prevents fraud and damage to homes–which delivers peace of mind to our homeowners.

IDology’s technology provides real-time questions that verify an individual’s identity and age for anyone conducting business in a consumer-not-present environment. TurnKey relies on this technology to confirm that guests inquiring about vacation rental homes are legitimate, real customers and that they meet the minimum age requirement of 25 to rent a vacation home. This process is simple and hassle-free for guests to complete.

TurnKey uses a request-to-book option on distribution sites, like Homeaway, instead of employing instant booking. While some homeowners or property managers do experience a decrease in bookings when not using instant book, TurnKey converts bookings at the highest level on HomeAway due to our rapid response and speedy ID verification process through IDology.

TurnKey also addresses any potential fraud or damage concerns that are raised by tightly controlling same-day bookings on homes that tend to attract risky guests.

Benefits to Homeowners

  • Peace of mind knowing their home is rented by a person who has been verified
  • Dramatically decreases the likelihood of property damage

The Results
Guest screening works! Less than 0.03% of our bookings result in material claims.
Our conversion rates have not suffered from taking these safety precautions, TurnKey has the highest booking conversion rate on HomeAway.

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