The Ultimate Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist And Shopping Guide For Owners

As a vacation rental homeowner, you know that keeping your property furnished and stocked for guests is a tedious and ongoing task – and that’s just if you are providing the essentials. For homeowners that want to make their vacation rental stand out from the competition, it takes an updated checklist and amenities that wow guests. 

In our latest webinar, we went over all the must-haves for your vacation rental, from furniture to electronics to finishing touches that are proven to make your home guest-ready. So whether you are revamping your interior design with colorful artwork or re-upping on essentials, here’s everything you’ll ever need on your vacation rental shopping guide to bring your rental from regular to luxury

Living room

On top of the essentials, there are a few things every homeowner should think about when furnishing and stocking the living room that can help your listing stand out.

Adequate Seating

Firstly, depending on the size of your rental you’ll have to consider adequate seating in the living room. When shopping for furniture, not only is it important that it’s modern and comfortable, guests will need to have enough room to all be able to enjoy the space together. If your rental sleeps ten for instance, the living room should be able to accommodate large groups comfortably. You may even consider buying a fold-out couch which can serve as an extra bed if needed.


Guests are looking for a memorable place to spend their vacation, so it’s worth investing in statement art pieces to make the living room extra special. If you haven’t shopped for artwork for your home before, it can be helpful to start by thinking about the type of market you are in. For instance, beach markets may want to play up the local beachfront with artwork that showcases a well-known ocean, sunset, or scene in the area. Additionally, if your walls are white, artwork is a great way to begin adding pops of color to the room. 

Pops of Color

Another way to add pops of color to the living room is through adding colorful accent pieces such as vases, pillows, curtains, frames, etc. You should also think about keeping the accent pieces consistent with the colors of the artwork you put up, and vice versa. 

When looking for where to purchase art and decor pieces for your living room, start by looking into your local art scene, farmers markets, or vintage and thrift stores. Guests will appreciate seeing artwork that represents the city they are visiting, so looking for pieces that represent the market you are in can help your home stand out. 

Accent Wall and Plants

One of the most fun interior design trends in vacation rentals is a stand out accent wall that adds texture, color, or both to one wall. Accent walls are a great way to upgrade your vacation rental quickly, and shows your guest that your rental is modern and keeping up with modern home design. Adding plants to your rental is another way to upgrade your existing rental. Guests are increasingly looking for rentals that feel updated and “instagrammable,” and adding a statement plant or plants all around are an easy way to add that modern touch. 

In the living room, the inventory checklist should include: 



☐Coffee Table 

☐Couch-fold out bed 

☐TV (with a working remote) 

☐Entertainment Cabinet 

☐Décor (artwork, frames, vases) 

☐Side tables and coffee table 

☐Lighting and lamps 

☐Board games/Cards/Uno


Many people prefer vacation rentals to hotels because of the access to a kitchen. Keeping your kitchen stocked with basic appliances and tableware—including a coffeemaker, is an absolute must. If you have the essentials and are ready to amke the next step to wow guests, adding other items from our checklist like a wine/bottle opener, kid friendly cups and a toaster oven will allow guests to focus on other things, like enjoying your home. You should also consider easy-to-clean items and making cleaning solutions available to reduce housekeeping demands.

In the kitchen, the inventory checklist should include: 

☐ Seasonings and condiments 

☐ Tea and coffee 

☐ 2x dishes per guests- dishwasher safe 

☐ Utensils 

☐ Steak Knives and Block 

☐ Assorted Knives and Block 

☐ Kid-friendly dishes (sippy cups, small utensils, cute plates & bowls) 

☐ Cups and glassware (wine glasses, etc) 

☐ Kettle and coffee machine 

☐ Cookware including pots and pans 

☐ Baking sheet

☐ Cooking utensils 

☐ Food storage containers 

☐ Cutting board 

☐ Garbage can and trash bags

☐ Paper towel holder 

☐ Dishwashing soap and sponge 

☐ Cleaning solutions 

☐ Silverware Holder 

☐ Toaster Oven

☐ Dish Towels 

☐ Koozies 

☐ Wine/bottle opener

Dining Area

Families enjoy eating meals together while on vacation. Often times, meals are just as important as the various other activities your guests will enjoy, and brings groups and families together in an intimate setting. To create a memorable space, be sure to provide placemats, cloth napkins, a center piece, and soft lighting to add warmth to the dining room.

In the dining area, the inventory checklist should include: 

☐Dining table (preferably an expandable table) 

☐Plenty of seating for all of your guests 



☐Salt and Pepper Shakers Fruit Bowl


Comfortable beds with quality linens are crucial- so make sure you invest in high thread count sheets, a durable duvet and throw pillows. The bedroom is one of the rooms a guest will return to when still looking at your listing and one of the things they will remember when considering returning to your rental. Bedrooms are often the only place your guests can get some privacy while on their vacation, so creating a peaceful setting in the bedroom is important. Make sure the bedrooms are clean, spacious and well-lit and simply decorated. If there’s space, consider adding a side table, chair, a bench at the end of the bed and a full-lenghth mirror.

In the bedroom, the inventory checklist should include: 

☐ Queen Bed 

☐ Queen Mattress 

☐ Bedside tables 

☐ High-thread count sheets 

☐ Quality bed comforter 

☐ High-quality pillows 

☐ Extra blankets 

☐ Extra clothing hangers- Wood or Black 

☐ Thick curtains to block out the light in the morning 

☐ Alarm clock 

☐ Lamps 

☐ Ceiling fan or wall unit cooling 

☐ Mattress Protector


While stocking your vacation rental bathrooms, you should always provide complimentary toiletries, in additon to wash cloths, bath mats and towels. Soft, matching towels can also help make the bathroom look modern and clean. TurnKey provides high-quality toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and soap in each rental. Homeowners should consider using white towels, to mirror the hotel experience and to make cleaning easier.

In the bathroom, the inventory checklist should include: 

☐ Bath towels – new/matching set 

☐ Toilet paper (plus extra rolls) 

☐ Hand soap 

☐ Bath soap and face soap 

☐ Shampoo and conditioner 

☐ Small garbage can and trash bags 

☐ Hand sanitizer 

☐ Hair Dryer

Closets and Storage

If your home has a walk-in closet, storage closet, or a laundry area available for guest use, it’s important to keep these areas as clean, accessible and useful as the rest of your rental. When stocking these areas, it’s important to consider your guests needs. If your rental attracts longer stays or families, providing laundry detergent will be important. If your rental is in colder climates, velvet hangers for large coats, scarves and hats will be important in your market. Small touches like this help your rental stand out and make your guests feel taken care of.

In the closets and storage, the inventory checklist should include: 

☐ Vacuum 

☐ Mop 

☐ Broom/dustpan 

☐ Pack N Play 

☐ Step Ladder 

☐ Extra Bulbs/Batteries 

☐ Nightlights 

☐ Iron/Ironing Board 

☐ Drying Rack 

☐ Extension Cord

General Extras

While many vacation rental properties do not include extras like shoe racks and first aid kits, your guests will appreciate these small details. By considering your guests’ needs, you can make them feel more at home and make their stay that much more memorable.

Make sure that your property has: 

☐ Shoe Rack 

☐ Guest Book

☐ Charging Station 

☐ Bluetooth Speakers 

☐ First Aid Kit 

☐ Fire Extinguisher 

☐ CO2 Alarm

If earning more money from your vacation rental is on your wishlist this year, consider updating your property with some of these items, and make sure to check out our webinar below!

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for First-Time Homeowners

Access this webinar and watch it on your own time!

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