Vacation Rental Trend Takes Root in Santa Barbara

TurnKey founder and CEO, talked to The Santa Barbara Independent about how his company makes it easier for property owners to make a buck off one of their most valuable assets and why the South Coast — with its year-round sun and plethora of underutilized second homes — is a prime location for renters and travelers alike.The whole idea behind Turnkey, Clark explained, is to digitally streamline the rental process so homeowners can keep a bigger portion of their revenue by not paying a property management firm or, alternatively, diving into the time-consuming downside of personally overseeing the logistics of guest support. While property management firms typically charge 20-25 percent of a rental’s revenue, TurnKey is able to charge only 10-14 percent because it’s heavily tech-enabled and relies a lot on its mobile services, Clark said.

Source: Independent – Vacation Rental Trend Takes Root in Santa Barbara

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